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Summer of Discovery: Highlighting RCSD Staff

(August 1, 2022) To celebrate the RCSD’s Summer of Discovery, the District is highlighting staff members who support our summer learning programming. 

Ms. Mariana Barry is the summer school principal for All City High, which supports all students and programs in the RCSD.  Recently named as an Assistant Principal at Wilson Foundation Academy, Ms. Barry is overseeing 138 students enrolled in a variety of virtual, online credit recovery, or in-person classes.

“We want to give students the opportunity to have a safe, individualized learning environment where they are empowered to have a say in their learning, their future, and to finish what they started.  Summer school is a way to reach students who may have fallen behind, push those who want to get ahead, and build a culture of learning in our community that offers not just credits but also experiences, relationships, and connections that are needed.”  

A graduate of the RCSD, Ms. Barry was both a student teacher and teacher at School Without Walls, where she worked for 17 years.  She then moved into a Teacher on Assignment (TOA) position for the ELA Department, and she was in charge of professional development and curriculum at the secondary level before serving as a Project Implementation Specialist for former Chief of Schools, Dr. Carmine Peluso. 

Please join us in applauding Ms. Barry for her efforts to help RCSD scholars succeed!