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ABC Countdown to Summer at Enrico Fermi School No. 17

(June 22, 2022) Students in two kindergarten classes at Enrico Fermi School No. 17 are enjoying an ABC countdown to summer in the final days of the school year.

Students have been reviewing the letters of the alphabet with teachers Angela Scaccia and Jennifer Santiago.  Both teachers align their activities with the New York State Common Core Learning Standards while also teaching community inside their classrooms.

“This is a fun and engaging way for our students to practice and review letters, names, and sounds,” said Ms. Scaccia.  Students came together on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 to celebrate the letter “Y” with the theme, Your Future Looks Bright.  Students wore hats and sunglasses, drew pictures and wrote about their summer plans, and then shared their responses with one another. 

“Every letter has been exciting,” said Ms. Scaccia.  “For the letter “B” we went outside as a group to blow bubbles, for the letter “E” we made egg sandwiches in class together, and for the letter “P” we had a pancake breakfast.  Tomorrow it will be the letter “Z”, which is very sad.  That is the hardest part of teaching, letting go.  You build a family throughout the school year, and you are letting that family go to someone else.  While it is very rewarding to see them the next year, it is sad to let them go.”