• Educators of the Year

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  • The Rochester City School District takes immense pride in bestowing the esteemed title of "Educators of the Year" upon its dedicated and outstanding employees. Embracing a fresh and inclusive approach, the Office of Human Capital initiated this annual tradition to celebrate excellence across the entire educational community.


    This inspiring initiative represents a heartfelt acknowledgment of the exceptional efforts put forth by our remarkable staff members who consistently surpass expectations. These educators have passionately cultivated an environment that fosters meaningful and supportive teaching and learning experiences, leaving an indelible impact on the lives of students throughout the District.


    By recognizing and honoring these outstanding individuals, we aim to inspire a culture of continuous growth and professional development within our educational landscape. It is our firm belief that acknowledging the achievements of our educators not only motivates them to excel further but also sets a precedent of excellence for the entire educational community.

  • Timeline for Nominations and Awards:

    February: Nominations open

    March: Nominees are contacted to complete an "Educators of the Year application"

    April: Selection Committee meets to review applications

    May: Winners selected and announced


    Winners are acknowledged and honored at the Board of Education meeting in May.