Level 2 Career Assessment
    (not mandated by regulation)


    The Level 2 Career Assessment is a formal assessment using a normed/standardized instrument. It has the following properties:

      • Specialized vocational evaluation instruments that test for skills and abilities;
      • 3 - 5 hours (minimum) of hands on evaluation activities;
      • Requires a trained educational professional.
      • Hands-on assessment to determine student’s abilities skills and interests


    Generally, these assessment instruments are appropriate for students with the following learning styles:

      • Abstract thinker; a person who can apply learned skills without a demonstration. The abstract thinker is able to perform a task based upon an explanation of the steps/properties.
      • A person who has the ability to generalize; can apply skills learned in one environment to other environments and situations.


    After a Level 1 Career Assessment has been performed.


    The Level 2 Career Assessment is used to obtain additional information when the structured collection of information from the Level 1 is NOT sufficient to make a career programming decision


    This style of evaluation is appropriate for the student’s abilities, disability and learning style.

    The results of the Level 1 Career Assessment will identify what questions need to be answered by the Level 2 assessment. This focuses the evaluator to use the proper instrument which best answers the missing information and is in sync with the student’s learning style.

    The Rochester City School District Level 2 Assessment can be for new students entering the district, or current students exploring career options. This type of assessment includes career interest inventories, assessment of career specific skills (ex: carpentry, food service, small engine repair), basic academic skills, gross/fine motor skills, and problem solving skills.