• Frequently Asked Questions



    Q:        How do I add a dependent to the medical and/or dental insurance?

    A:        There must be a qualifying event which would be a marital status change, birth of a child/adoption or loss of coverage.  Employee must contact Employee Benefits within 30 days of the event to make the change.  Employee must also provide proof of the event which would include; marriage certificate, final divorce decree, proof of other coverage, proof of birth or proof of loss of coverage.


    Q:        Where can I find out what the coverage is including, what the co-pays may be?

    A:        You can find information on the plan at www.myexcellusplan.com/rcsd and click on plan details.


    Q:        What happens if I or my spouse reach the age of 65?

    A:        When an active employee or spouse reaches the age of 65, they become eligible for Medicare.  It is required that they enroll in Medicare Part A but not Part B as long as they are covered as an active employee.  A special enrollment form for Part B will be supplied when the employee retires.




    Q:        How do I find out information regarding my FSA?              

    A:        You can log in to www.myexcellusplan.com (until June 6, 2011) or www.ebsrmsco.com (effective June 6, 2011) to access your FSA account, submit claims, view balances and etc.


    Q:        When can I enroll in FSA?

    A:        FSA enrollment must be done every open enrollment or during a qualifying event.  FSA enrollments do not continue from year to year.  Employees must enroll each November for the following calendar year.


    Q:        Who can I claim on my FSA?

    A:        Reimbursements can be made for dependents that are listed on your most recent tax return.


    Q:        How do I submit claims?

    A:        When you enroll in FSA, you are given the option to have the Automated Claims.  This means when you use your medical insurance card you will automatically reimbursed for those co-pays.  Some services need to be manually submitted on paper (form available on the website) or done directly thru the website.