CURCS: Connecting Universities to Rochester City Schools



    The goal of CURCS is to recruit young, energetic, and innovative college students as volunteers to serve as tutors, classroom volunteers, mentors, and positive role models during the enrichment period of Expanded Learning Time schools.


    • Recruit students, both graduate and undergraduate, to volunteer in ELT RCSD schools to address a specific need of that school. 
    • Collaborate with the seven Rochester area universities to establish connections with student associations, fraternities, sororities, course professors, departments, and collegiate clubs to promote RCSD as an outlet for community engagement. 
    • Recognize volunteer programs that already exist within RCSD schools to establish a collaborative network to allow volunteer organizations at the seven Rochester area colleges to work together effectively and efficiently.




    CURCS is an innovative volunteering program because college volunteers are only required work a 2 hours a week (or more if preferred) during the semester with a strong supportive structure to ensure their satisfaction. Volunteer placements are also based on applicant schedules, making it a popular program for busy students of all kinds. The use of college students of different genders, races, religions, majors, and socioeconomic backgrounds is strategic in the sense that they provide a diverse and relatable set of role models to the students whom they will be helping. 

    Currently, CURCS has made many relationships with schools and programs throughout the School District. The following video is one example of the great work going on at School No. 29 with students involved in the Growth and Education program for students with Multiple disabilities during 2014-15:
     Recognizing that many universities are already partnering with the RCSD, CURCS aims to create a network to encourage collaboration among the existing programs and provide an outlet for students who want to get involved but have limited time. Interested in becoming a CURCS volunteer? Interested in facilitating a workshop in RCSD in conjuction with your student organization? Are you a school who needs some volunteers for programs or classrooms? Please email ricky.frazier@rcsdk12.org to sign up or for further information.