• Frequently Asked Questions


    Who can participate in Project SEARCH?

     Eligibility Criteria (click on link)
    Where is Project SEARCH located?
    Our classroom is located at 57 St. Paul St.
    When does Project SEARCH start?
    Project Search follows the RCSD calendar.

    How do students get to Project SEARCH?

    Students in Project Search use public transportation to get to and from City Hall and internship sites (travel training is available).

    What are the hours of Project SEARCH?

    Project Search hours are 7:45 am - 2:15 pm.

    What types of internships are available?
    All internships are in City of Rochester departments.  The list of available internships changes, but some examples are:  Animal Shelter, Building Services, Information Technology and Water Bureau.
    How much time do students spend at the internships?
    Students spend about 4 hours each day at their internships.
    Are the students paid?
    No.  The internships are unpaid.