• When studying vocabulary words, know the following:

    • how to spell the word

    • what the word means

    • how to use it in a sentence (the part of speech)


    Tips on how to study vocabulary:


    • Practice using the words in everyday conversations!
    • Ask questions!
    • Look for stories in the news using the words!
    • For Visual, Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, & Intrapersonal Learners: create flashcards with the word on one side and the definition on the other 


    • For Visual/Spatial learners: create a visual symbol for each word, rewrite your notes
    • For Kinesthetic Learners: act out what the word means, create and practice matching cards with word & definitions
    • For Interpersonal learners: practice with a study partner


    • For Verbal/Linguistic learners: read your notes aloud


    • For Musical/Rhythmic learners: listen to music while studying, or put each word to a beat


    • For Logical/Mathematical learners: create an organizational chart with the word, meaning, synonyms 


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