• Naviance
    Naviance is a comprehensive 7-12 college and career readiness program that helps align strengths and interests to post-secondary goals.  
     Every student has an individual login,
    User ID is the last 6 digits of their Student ID,
    Password is first letter of students first name, first letter of students last name, year the student was born
     Parent Connect
      Track daily attendance, grades, and assignments all from your computer - desktop, laptop or Chromebook.
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      Track daily attendance, review academic progress and communicate directly with teachers and district staff as well as get the latest news updates, social media posts, notifications and more, all from your mobile device. Download the RCSDlink app to any Android or Apple device to access these many helpful tools anytime, anywhere.
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    Work Permit

    Please Follow These Instructions to Apply for a Work Permit During COVID-19:

    Work Permit Process: COVID-19

    Email All Documents To: WorkPermit@rcsdk12.org