Parents and guardians have the obligation to inform the school if their child will be absent by phone prior to the absence, or as soon as they are aware of the intended absence. Written notification must be provided upon the student’s return to school.

    To Report a Full-Day Absence

    Please call the Attendance Secretary at 242-7682 ext. 1002

    To Turn in a Written Excuse Including Doctor's Notes

    Please see the Attendance Secretary in the Main Office

    To Report an Early Dismissal Due to an Appointment

    Please send a note to school with your child detailing the reason for the early dismissal, and the number where you can be reached. Or, call the Academy Office Secretary at least 2-hours prior to pick up:

    242-7682 ext. 4000

    242-7682 ext. 3000

     Questions Regarding Attendance?

    Please call your child's administrator 242-7682 ext. 6444 or 242-7682 ext. 6333

    If a student has not reported to school, the parent or guardian will be contacted multiple times throughout the school day by Connect Ed, the RCSD automated phone service.

     Upon your child’s third absence, as well as at subsequent intervals of a student’s absence, a letter will be sent to the home. A copy of the letter will be kept in the student’s file. 

     A home visit will be scheduled after continued absences.  A letter documenting the visit must be left at the home of the parent or guardian.

     Upon the tenth day of absence, a letter will be sent to the parent or guardian, and the administrator in charge of attendance will begin the process for an Attendance Referral, investigation/intervention, which may lead to a referral for a PINS Petition.

     Classroom attendance is essential to instructional outcomes. It is imperative that students arrive to school on time and ready to learn. To maximize student outcomes, SOTA’s administration expects families to fully cooperate with this standard. 

    It is the students' responsibility to complete and turn-in all missed classroom assignments, and work within 10-days following an "excused absence." An absence is considered "excused" due to sickness, death in the family, a doctor, dentist, psychiatrist appointment, a court appearance, or college visit.  All other absences are classified as illegal. 

     It is important to note that homework may be counted up to 10% of your student’s grade. Failure to complete missed homework will negatively effect on grades. Teachers are not mandated to issue make-up work for unexcused absences.