• School of the Arts Procedures 

     ~ Adapted from the RCSD Code of Conduct ~ 


    Be on time for classes daily.  Early is on time, and on time is late!

    Take pride in your personal appearance.   

    Concentrate on your schoolwork; complete all class work and homework assignments every day.           

    Keep the school building and grounds clean and free of graffiti.   

    Food is allowed ONLY in the Commons/Cafeteria area.  

    Cooperate with one another and with the adults who are in charge. Listen carefully, be courteous and follow the directions given by adults.

    Show respect to your classmates and all adults. 

    When asked to identify yourself to a staff member, please do so willingly.

    All students should be responsible for carrying their IDs at all times. Students must present their IDs to get their phones.

    Use adult assistance when needed to resolve conflicts.

    Accessing inappropriate websites is prohibited. Any unauthorized use of computers, software or the Internet is a violation of RCSD policy.         

    Promote physical safety and security for yourself and others.

    Observe the Dress Code; please see the District’s Dress Code expectations.

    Absolutely no food or drinks, except for water without a broken seal, are allowed in the building.

    Weapons, drugs, and alcohol are not permitted.

    Fighting, shoving, harassing, and abusing others will have severe consequences.

    Link to RCSD Code of Conduct:  https://www.rcsdk12.org/domain/16