• Technology 7 and 8

    Google Classroom Join Codes

    Log into your RCSD student account your student id "890........"@rcsd121.org and computer or chromebook password.


               Marking Period 4 Google Technology Join Codes

    8th grade PERIOD 3   otcjszc

    7th grade  PERIOD 6   iposdtf

    8th grade PERIOD 8   lv67sjc

    7th grade PERIOD 9   2iyzrx2       


    1. Google Classroom                                                                
    2. Netiquete                                                                           
    3. Online Keyboarding Lessons: Typing.com                            
    4. Coding with Coding.org
    5. Soundtrap Music Creation
    6. Independent Projects


    Algebra 2L  

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     Khan Academy Login With Student RCSD Google 


    and join our class, using your RCSD Student Google Account to log in. Or Join with class code 78DR2FC5

     Marking Period 4:

    Week 1: We should focus on the Factoring Content  https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra2/x2ec2f6f830c9fb89:poly-factor 

    Next is GCF, what that's mean? email me at 1633120@rcsd121.org