If you drive your child to school, please make every effort to approach the building moving southbound toward University Avenue, this way students can be dismissed curbside.  This will help eliminate the danger of crossing Prince Street during the busiest and most congested time of the day.  

     Please do not disrupt RTS Bus Service, or stop in front of the Main Entrance for any reason.  Instead, please drop-off students beyond the flag pole closest to Prince Street and University Avenue. 

    Vehicles blocking the RTS Bus Services, the Main Entrance, or the fire hydrant, will be reported to the Rochester Police Department and are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.  

    Please note that parking in the Memorial Art Gallery lot is prohibted!


    Your child should be dropped off curbside by the flagpole, past the main entrance to the building. 

    Not adhering to suggested drop-off location interferes with RTS arrivals and creates a dangerous situation. 


    Your child should be picked up curbside by the flagpole at 3:40 P.M. on weekdays.  The flagpole is located on the lawn near the main entrance to the building. 

    Not adhering to the suggested pick-up time conflicts with RTS bus arrivals and causes significant delay and disruption to dismissal procedures.