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     Friends of School of the Arts is a community-based, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that was organized in 1992 by interested business people, community leaders, artists, and parents. These individuals recognized that the School of the Arts and its students often had financial needs beyond the scope of the City School District and sometimes beyond the means of parents. Friends' mission is to raise funds to support school activities and to financially assist students who need supplies and equipment such as arts supplies, dancewear, musical instruments and scores and registration/competition fees.

    In addition, Friends provides funding for field trips, master classes, guest artists and other important classroom activities not supported by the RCSD. Friends’ long-range goal is to secure an endowment to provide a permanent fund to meet SOTA's future needs.

    Please support our students by making a tax-deductible contribution to Friends of School of the Arts or by volunteering your time and talents.

     Contact Friends by Visiting: 

    info@friendsofsota.org or Friends of SOTA

     Allocation requests must be made at least one-month (preferably two-months) prior to the date the check is needed. 


    • Staff making a large allocation of $500 or more must attend a Friends of SOTA Board Meeting where the request will be discussed, at least one/two months prior to when the funds are needed. 
    • Friends of SOTA is returning to its core mission of supporting student trips and activities via our existing allocations process, and will no longer accept and account for student payments for field trips/activities in order to reimburse trip expenses from that pool of money. 
    • More information is available on the Friends of SOTA website: www.friendsofsota.org