Daily Schedule Organizer


    TERMS:  FY = Full Year S1= Semester 1 MP3= Marking Period 3 

    SOTA has two (2) semesters and four (4) marking periods. 


    • SOTA is a on a 4-Day, 9-Period rotating schedule.  
    • The days are A, B, C and D.   
    • Periods are 1-9.  
    • The Period is indicated first before the day pattern.  

    EXAMPLE:  1AC = Period 1 on A and C days 2 A-D = Period 2 every day 

    HIGH SCHOOL ONLY:  3AC4AC = Periods 3 and 4 on A and C days. 

    1ABDC2AC = Periods 1 everyday, including Period 2 on A and C days.  

    This is an example of a science class with a lab

    • Class Name is the course in which you are enrolled.  There is a number after the course which stands for the section.  You will not need to use that number. It will also indicate Year (Yr.), Quarter (Qtr.) also used for marking period and Semester (Sem.). 
    • Teacher – The teacher assigned to provide instruction. 
    • Room – The location of the room where the class will meet. 

    EXAMPLES: Term Period Day Class Name Teacher Room 

    FY 1: ABCD Spanish I P (Yr.)-4 Smith, S. M232 

    Term Period Day Class Name Teacher Room 

    S1 3: AC Health 7/8 (Sem.)-1 Wagner, T. A029