• Students should use the following outline to

    guide them through the essay writing process:

    I.  Introduction- Introduces the essay
           A.  Hook- Grab the reader's interest with one of the following ideas:
                    1.   Give background information or a definition in 1-3 sentences
                    2.   Use a quote about the essay topic
                    3.  Use the teaser from the essay question 
           B.  Link the hook to the thesis:  Include a TAG (Title, Author, Genre) of the text(s) the essay will discuss
           C.  Thesis Statement- One sentence that tells the reader what the essay will be about
                     1.  Restate the question, and include your opinion
                      DO NOT say, "In this essay I will talk about..."  Just say it!

    II.  Body Paragraphs The amount depends on the question.   
                                                                A basic rule:  New idea=new paragraph.
           A.  Topic Sentence- Tells the reader what the paragraph is about, usually restates the question
           B.  Evidence/Supporting Details- 2-3 pieces of text based evidence that help you prove your point
           C.  Analysis- an explanation of the evidence, and how it connects or matters to the topic

    III.  Conclusion- Sums up the essay
           A. Restate the thesis statement
           B.  Final Thought- End with something so the reader will walk away saying, "Wow, that was a powerful essay!"
                    1.  End with a  quote
                    2.  Make a connection
                    3.  Call to action