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Requirements for a Work Permit

*The student must be present to sign the work permit when it is issued. The legal guardian does not need to be present, but must have signed Part I of the application.*

Application for Employment Certificate

 Only Part 1 needs to be completed:

  • Student (applicant) should complete Part 1. Only student information is required.
  • Student must sign full proper name. Be sure to enter age, social security number, and address. Check the box that indicates age.
  • The legal guardian must sign at the end of Part 1 to give permission for the work permit to be issued.

Acceptable Forms of Proof of Age

Student must present a copy or original Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, current unexpired Driver's License, current unexpired Passport, or Permanent Resident Card.

Unacceptable Forms of Proof of Age

School ID Cards or School Records cannot be used as proof of age.

Pre - Employment Physical Certificate

If student had a current sports physical at school, the school nurse may complete the physical form OR the student must have a doctor's office complete a physical certificate or a note on doctor's stationery indicating proof of a physical exam within one year preceding the application. (Exception: Limited Student Permits require a physical exam every 6 months.)

When all the information has been completed, bring the application along with proof of age to:

Rochester City School District

Student Records Department

175 Martin Street Room 116

Rochester, NY 14605

Tel: 585-262-8523

Hours of Operation

Work Permit Counter Hours:

Monday – Friday: 12:00 - 5:00 PM

Click here to download the Work Permit application.  Complete and bring them with you to the Student Records Department.