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May 2016                                                       Carta en español

Parents of Pinnacle School # 35

The students at Pinnacle School # 35 are still working on testing, practicing BUZZ Expectations, and being learners whose school work ethics are evolving as they focus on being the best learners possible.

What an awesome job our students did in promoting an environment of learning and caring. Students in grades K-2 supported their peers in grades 3-6 by being quiet as they passed classrooms that were testing. With the NYS ELA and Math Test behind us, we are now in the middle of the NYSESLAT Test, for our students who are second language learners.  The students in the 4th grade are working hard as they prepare themselves for the NYS Science Test. Please remember to read with your child every day!

May is here!  Sunny and warm days are welcomed by students who enjoy spending time outside in the great weather. Let’s work together to remind our children of the BUZZ Expectations. Bee Respectful, Bee Responsible and Bee Safe. As the students practice BUZZ Expectations in every area of the school they enjoy an environment of learning. Ask your child who was the Queen and King Bee in their Classroom this month. Queens and Kings exemplify BUZZ Expectations. What an awesome compliment.

Student work ethics are being stretched. Yes, students need to be secure with the idea that learning stretches us, makes us at times uncomfortable. What needs to be understood for student success to increase, is that time must be given to practice the skill being taught, until they’ve achieved an understanding that can be used over and over into other practices. This is where the support of the parents can really penetrate the student learning intricacy and help the students push through any learning barriers.  Parents, your support is needed to help ensure that students are in school daily with an, “I can” attitude. That their behaviors exemplify BUZZ Expectations and that they are willing to work through challenges that promote exploration, engagement, and perseverance.

Here we are coming to the end of another school year. Time is of the essence, learning never stops.  We too must forge forward, continuing to plan and work. Students need to come ready to challenge themselves and willing to, Bee Responsible for their learning, Bee Respectful to their classmates and teachers, and Bee Safe in all their actions.

I leave you with this, there are Summer School Programs available for students. Take a moment and sign up your child for the program that best suits them according to their needs and interest.


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