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Dear Parents and Guardians,

The summer will soon come to an end and your child will be returning to school. In order to help your child prepare for the first day of school the room assignments have been mailed home. Staff will be available to help your child locate his/her classroom if necessary. It may be helpful for your child to bring the letter that was mailed with him/her on the first day of school. This will assist staff in making sure your child gets to the right location. In addition, we are encouraging parents of primary children to place the name/address of their child in their backpacks.

Please be aware that many of our announcements/reminders are made via our automated phone system, also known as “ROBO Calls”; when you receive these calls, please pay close attention as important school information is given.

Parents registering their child(ren) for elementary school (pre-K through grade 6) should go to the Parent Information & Student Registration Center located at 131 W. Broad Street. The phone numbers are 262-8241 or 232-2012.

Parents are often uncertain as to what is needed to register their child for school. The following should be brought with you when you register your child: Birth Certificate, Proof of Address, Immunization Record, and Parent ID. 

Students are encouraged to come to school dressed in the uniform colors.  Listed below is information regarding acceptable uniform clothing:                                                                                                                              Uniform: K—6th

Tops: Can wear shirts plain or with School #33 logo. No designs or names.

Colors: Navy, light blue or white.

  • Short or long sleeves
  • Polo style with collar
  • Oxford shirt—long or short sleeve, button down and collar.
  • During winter, button down or crew neck pullover sweaters may be worn.
  • Tops must fit properly.
  • Tops to be worn in one solid color.

Bottoms: Navy or Tan khaki colored bottoms.

  • Students will wear flat front or uniform style pants.
  • Girls may wear capri’s, skirts, jumpers, skorts or walking shorts (to the knee)
  • Boys may wear walking shorts (to the knee)

  • Girls may wear white or navy tights or leggings with the feet.
  • No denim jeans.
  • Pants must fit properly at the waist. Belts may be worn ( no designs or decals)

I am confident that I speak for the entire staff in welcoming you and your child back to John James Audubon School No. 33.  We all are looking forward to a successful school year!


Dr. Larry Ellison