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Student Dress Code

Virgil I. Grissom School 7 is a uniform school.
Click here for our student dress code


  •     New This Year - Our school will be following the Board of Education Wellness Policy 5405 which focuses on  healthy eating habits and physical activity. Last year we began preparing fresh foods in our cafeteria for all students to enjoy during breakfast and lunch. Also, a 20 minute recess time will continue on a daily basis when weather permits.    Starting this year, celebrating birthdays in the classroom with cake, ice cream, candy and other sugar filled items will be eliminated. In an effort to make the most of the instructional day, birthday celebrations will not be allowed during the school day.   
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  • Notice of Non-Discrimination
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  • Online Incident Reporting

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 Every Child,
Every Day.



Open House Flyer




(585) 254-3110            FAX (585) 277-0104

        David Lincoln                       Robyn Roberts, Jeanne Markman 
        Principal                               Assistant Principals
                                                                                                                                                                                                          August 17, 2015
 Dear Parents and Guardians,
Welcome back to School No. 7!  Everyone on our staff is so excited to have our students return!  We have been busy preparing activities and lessons to engage and excite your child, as we help them experience and learn new material. 
Once again this year students will be wearing uniforms.   The uniforms will be tan, black or blue trousers, shorts, skirts or dresses.   The tops will be yellow, white, or blue with no writing.  
 Please remember there is no supervision before 9:00 a.m.  For the safety of your children, students that walk or are dropped off are not to arrive prior to 9:00 a.m. every morning.  At 9:00 a.m., all students will enter the building.   Student schedules and material lists will be coming your way in the near future. 
Our vision for this coming school year is to provide your child with three things that have not changed.  Your child will be in a safe environment, we are going to focus on helping each and every student be successful, and our staff will work as one cohesive team to get the job done.  Our new Mission Statement is “School Seven’s mission is to develop students that practice safe habits, work hard, exhibit academic growth and are respectful and responsible citizens.   Our Vision Statement is “SOAR to Succeed!”
We look forward to working with you and your children in the coming year!  Sincerely, it is both a privilege and an honor to have the opportunity to work with your children and play such an important role in their lives as they learn and grow into successful young adults.

Please remember these dates for upcoming events at School 7:

  • Back to School Orientation for new families - Thursday, August 27 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Open House – Thursday, September 24 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Thank you very much for your time, support, and the opportunity to work with your child.


Mr. Lincoln

Ms. Roberts
Ms. Markman
Please click the link below to see the Classroom Supply Lists for your child's class for the 2015-2016 School Year
Every minute in school matters.
Remember: Student Success begins with Attendance.
Regular school attendance develops habits of punctuality, self-discipline and responsibility in students. Students who attend school regularly generally achieve high grades, enjoy school more and are more employable after leaving school.  
To contact someone about Student Attendance, please call 254-3110
and ask for the Parent Liaison or Robyn Roberts, Assistant Principal.
Help School No. 7 increase our Daily Attendance Rate to 95% and Reach our Goals of Excellence.  Any student this year with Perfect Attendance will be included in an End of the Year Party and invited to our Year End Celebration at Altitude Trampoline Park.  To be invited you must have 0 unexcused and 0 excused absences.  That means attending ALL 182 days of school.      
You can do it! 
Stay healthy by eating balanced meals, washing your hands as often as possible, getting 9-11 hours of sleep each night and having consistent daily routines that allow you time to complete your school work each night.
  Parents/Guardians:  Please get to know the staff at school including teachers, administrators, support staff, secretaries, the parent liaison and bus driver.  This will assist in keeping you aware of any issues that your child may be facing and can lessen any anxieties your child may have about attending school.  Also, be sure the school has your current address and phone numbers where you can be reached.  Call the Main Office during school hours to have them updated when needed or send in a note with your child.
The Lifelong Impact of Low Attendance
There is a direct link between high absenteeism and low academic achievement, with chronic absenteeism
(2 absences or more a month) being the single strongest predictor of graduation rates.
The Cost of Low Attendance Includes:
  • Lower Test Scores
  • Lower GPA/Grades
  • Reduced Graduation Rates
  • Lower Paying Jobs
  • Higher Reliance on Welfare Support
  • Increased Likelihood of Living in Poverty
  • Poorer Health
What: This winter our school will offer flu (influenza) vaccine for our students. There are two forms of flu vaccine – the nose spray and the shot. We will give most children the nose spray, which does not hurt. These are the same vaccines that your child’s doctor’s office gives.

Why: Getting the flu vaccine is the best way to prevent the flu.

When: Look for a pink packet in your child’s backpack later this fall. The clinic will be held in December or January during the school day. You will be notified 4 weeks before the clinic is scheduled with a specific date.

Where: The flu clinic will be held at school.


Students Report 9:00 a.m.
Dismissal Begins At 3:25 p.m.


Link to The School No. 7 Great American Milk Drive Video Challenge

Click the Link Above to Watch School No. 7's Audition for The Great American Milk Drive Video Challenge Created by Ms. Yildirim and Ms. Moucha's Class

Marcus Cox

Congratulations again to Marcus Cox for being selected to represent RCSD as a student speaker at the WNY Learning Connection Forum on April 29th, 2015.  Marcus had his family come support him as he spoke about the benefits that the Fuel up to Play Program has brought to his life and his education.

Power of 2
***Any student that returns the completed parent volunteer form, filled out by their parent, to Ms. Roberts to be eligible to win a prize.***

Reminder - Glass Bottles are not permitted on the School No. 7 Campus due to safety concerns.  Students may bring beverages that are in cans or plastic containers.  Thank you for assisting us in keeping our students safe.

Please click on the links below for the prerecorded videos of the School No. 7 Administrators reading Holiday Books for the students. 
Holidays 2014
 Congratulations to Marcus Cox, a current 6th grader at School No. 7, for being selected as the Fuel Up To Play Kickoff Kid at the Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots Football Game on 10-12-14.  He was nominated by three staff members at School No. 7 and was selected by the American Dairy Association due to his great academics, athletic achievements, community service and for being an excellent role model to his peers.  He won 4 tickets to the Bills Game, 4 on field passes, a custom made jersey with his name on the back and a framed photo.   He also ran onto the field in the second half and retrieved the kick off tee.  We're so proud of you Marcus.
Marcus Cox honored by the Buffalo Bills
 "Be Remarkable" Staff Comment Cards
can be found in the Main Office
or on the Parent Table in front of the gymnasium.  Please complete one and
return it to a Secretarial Team Member if you notice a staff member doing a Remarkable Job!!!
  Be Remarkable Comment Cards
m n a  
Jan And Feb Remarkable Staff
Nov and Dec R S  
Be Remarkable
Accelerated Readers for May
Grade 2     Lundon & Paris Williams-Richardon/Morgan's Class
Grade 3     Jo-Marie Young - Craven/Page's Class
Grade 4     Starlyn Gundlach - Clancy/Mastrisimone's Class
Grade 5     Je'Nasia Harrell -Romero/Carey's Class
Grade 6     Joseph Saddler - Carpenter-Burke's Class

The TOP THREE students that have read the most WORDS this year in AR are:


Shamir Calloway-993,461 words

Desmin Diggs- 1,113,492 words

Joseph Saddler- 2,427,460 words

raz parrot       
Are you up for the School No. 7 PERFECT ATTENDANCE CHALLENGE?  Any student with Perfect Attendance this year will be included in our Giant End of the Year Attendance Celebration and a Surprise Invitation!
Help us put School No. 7 on the RCSD Map of Excellence and reach the goal of 95% overall student attendance for the 2015-2016 School Year. Join us and RCSD in the "EVERY MINUTE in SCHOOL MATTERS" Initiative to reduce chronic absenteeism in our school.
Perfect Attendance for the 2014-2015 School Year




Jasire Bullard Rm 103


Isaiah Ariosa Rm 105


Journi Betances Rm 107


First Grade


Qundaisha Thomas Rm 142


Second Grade


Honor Maddox  Rm 310


Yah’tiara Wilson-Lewis  Rm 313


Third Grade


Jakaya Saddler  Rm 245


Trinati Walters  Rm 245


Michael Martin Rm 203


Fourth Grade


Christopher Diaz  Rm T1


Dawnielle Longdue  Rm T1


Fifth Grade


Brian Short  Rm 306


Phillip Morley  Rm 308


Sixth Grade


Thalia Rooks Rm 244


Jaden Simms  Rm 246

Perfect Attendance
Marking Period Four  

Grade K                     Room 103    Ms. Haugh

Jasire Bullard

Taye Brown Jr.

Grade K                     Room 105    Ms. D’Aloisio

Isaiah Ariosa

Giovanni Delgado

Ary’anna Mateo

Syairh Pritchett


Grade K                     Room 107    Ms. Minichiello

Journi Betances

Kestin Good-Stanton

Jonique Jackson

Anyaliese Kostiw

Randal Lockwood


Grade K                     Room 153    Ms. Garcia-Leach

Jocelynn Vazquez


Grade K                     Room 155    Ms. Fowler

Darrell Downs

Nicholas Reeves

Quanmeer Thomas 


Grade 1                     Room 140    Ms. Servoss

Iyasia Mason

Brandon Parrish

Christopher Bickom

Tymone Hannah

Hayden Kingsbury

Aniyah White


Grade 1                     Room 142    Ms. Terrana/Ms. Wohlfeld

Santino Montalvo

Qundaisha Thomas


Grade 1                     Room 144    Ms. Greco

Salina Rai

Rumisha Poudyel

Mi’Lanie Rivera

Isaira Ayala Torres


Grade 1                     Room 146    Ms. Koonmen

Allissa Andalora

Ayaina Colbert

Landon Erenstone

Jacobi Grimmage

Kentrey Hatcher

Aniya Lugo

Ariel McGill

Jeremiah Sanabria

Grade 2                     Room 310    Ms. Wilson

Honor Maddox

Juelien Hill

Seth Patterson

Grade 2                     Room 311    Ms. Richardson/Ms. Morgan

Candice Hardaway

Wayne June Jr.

Clauzel Moore IV

Na’zyia Pulliam-Noble

Jeremy Rodriguez

Grade 2          Room 312     Ms. Padula

Abrahem Al-mugannahi

Mokhtar Almugannahi

Kelmir Emerson

Kaliyah Hawkins

Krystina Judkins

Makaila Matthias

Danny Zou

Grade 2                     Room 313    Mr. Cadirao

Derek Lee

Destiny Santini       

Yah’tiara Wilson-Lewis

Grade 3                     Room 149    Ms. Page

Sioni Frazier

A-Nori Johnson


Grade 3                     Room 151    Ms. Craven

Kayla Dixon

Harmonie Rollinger

Jo-Marie Young


Grade 3                     Room 203    Ms. Kendrick/Ms. Sinclair

Xavier Clark

Kamariyah Green

Nosy’m Johnson

Michael Martin

Caitlin Parrish


Grade 3                     Room 245    Ms. Hart

Jakaya Saddler

Trinati Walters

Cashmere Randall

Makayla Smith

Anastasia Willis


Grade 4                     Room 240    Ms. Moucha/Ms. Yildirim

Kiara Coleman

Antonio Davis Jr.

Tyler Hopkins

Grade 4                     Room 241    Ms. Mastrosimone

Mia Campbell

Landon Cartagena

Manuel Rivera

Jadyn Walker


Grade 4                     Room 242    Ms. Clancy

Zahaira Brooks

Janezz  Bullock-Douglas

Anastasya Gordon

William Kingsbury Jr.

Ariyona Yancey


Grade 4                     Room T1       Mr. Stanley

Leila Aden

Kani Crawford

Christopher Diaz

Dawnielle Longdue

Rukiya Awale

Jamari Bullard

Janiya Moore

Denaijah Sampson

RaeJoughn Yeomas


Grade 5                     Room 306    Ms. Romero

Noah Crawford

Andrew Edwards-Ferrell

Laryn Fulmore

Brian Short  

Junito Torres

Grade 5                     Room 307    Ms. Carey

Binita Barakoti

Armani Dollar

Nada Hadi

Emielo Ottley

Emilio Sanabria

Alexander Vazquez-Igartua


Grade 5                     Room 308    Ms. Yasses

Phillip Morley Jr

Grade 5                     Room 309    Mr. Hepburn

Armani Kelley

D’Angelo McGowan

William Patterson

Janiel Sanabria

Quione Tillmon

Willa Wang

Saree Ware


Grade 6                     Room 238    Ms. Carpenter-Burke

Cierra Walker

Da’zhanje Holmes

Joseph Saddler

Shaheim Thomas


Grade 6                     Room 243    Ms. Liberatore

Jenilimar Gonzalez

Shaniyah Jackson

Grade 6                     Room 244    Ms. Laszek/Ms. Colon

Yacier Anderson

Devonte Jackson

Thalia Rooks

Edward Seeley

Grade 6                     Room 246    Ms. Dawson

Jaden Simms








School No. 7 Website Trivia
(The first student to come to Ms. Roberts and answer the following question in green below will win a prize. You must be able to repeat the trivia question to me and explain the answer. The best place to find me is in front of Exit 1, the main door, during entry in the morning).  
The question will be updated once a week or until the question posted has been answered.
The Weekly Trivia Question for the 2015-2016 School Year-
1. Why is an amoeba good at math?
Congratulations to all the students who have answered trivia questions.  Some of the most recent questions were:
1. What's big and yellow and comes in the morning to brighten your mom's day?
The School Bus answered by Starlyn Gundlach
2. What do you call a word that reads the exact same when reading it forward or backwards?  Also, give me three examples of these types of words.
A palindrome (racecar, civic and level) answered by Alyiah Engert
my locker
My Locker



Physical Education
April Students of the Month















Physical Education Fall
Fitness Gram Winners

































Staff Macaroni & Cheese Contest 2014-2015:
1st Place:  Stacey Dawson
2nd Place: Roberta Gammons
3rd Place: Sue Koonmen
Congratulations to All!
Staff Chili Contest 2013-2014:
1st Place: Roberta Gammons
2nd Place: Tina Diaz
3rd Place: Darcy Richardson
Congratulations to All!
Click on the above link to watch the School No. 7 Video about how to recycle our Milk Cartons created by the Green Team.