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  • Friday, May 26th:  Ramadan starts and continues until June 25th.  This holiday honors when the Koran was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed.  Muslims will be fasting between sunrise and sunset.

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School Without Walls
"Where Learning Has No Limits!"
We are glad you found us! Just a little bit about us:
We are one of the oldest alternative schools in the country.
All curriculum, courses, and student experiences at School Without Walls are planned, developed, and implemented with the clear intention of helping students become self-sufficient lifelong learners.
We are a learner centered school. Our students participate in interdisciplinary classes with project based curricula. We use the community as a base and resource for our work. Our students have individual academic teacher-advisors and are involved in school governance. Graduation requirements include completion of portfolios and Senior projects instead of standardized testing requirements.
We welcome visitors and people who want to become part of our learning community.
Call us at 585-546-6732 or visit at 480 Broadway, Rochester, NY 14607
   Virtual Visit to SWW 
Students at School Without Walls Participate in White House Summit 

Students at SWW were selected to participate in a White House Summit on Next Generation High Schools in mid-November, sharing their vision for the future in the video statements above. (link) These students are part of a digital Civil Rights class that is being held with Hillsborough County, Florida (Tampa) through the use of Cisco Telepresence.