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Parents and Community Members,

Recently, we had our Scholastic Book Fair event.  It was a huge success thanks to the collaborative efforts of parents and school staff.  During our “Grand” luncheon, our students served as helpers and really gave a warm welcome to parents and guests that came out to see our school and support the Book Fair.  Our students were polite, attentive, and enthusiastic.  Once again we thank one of our staff and parent volunteers, including Mrs. Patty Singh for helping to make this event a huge success.

Our PTA continues to work hard to support special events such as fundraisers and opportunities to build community.  Our next major event is our annual Holiday Bazaar on December 6th.  Please be sure to connect with our PTA president, Ms. Ann Geyer to find ways you can volunteer. “Together we can all make a difference in support of our children and school”.  Our parent representatives for the 2014-2015 School Based Planning Team are Clara Chestnut, Michelle Sahmel and our newest member Amelia Francois.  I would like to thank them for dedicating their time to support our efforts.

As the fall season is upon us schools across the country face an inevitable battle against colds and flu.  It is important that parents and staff members work together during flu season to ensure the health and safety of our students.  Please advise your child to: 

·         Cover their nose and mouth with a tissue when they cough or sneeze—have them throw the tissue away after they use it.

·         Wash their hands often with soap and water, especially after they cough or sneeze. If water is not near, use an alcohol-based hand rub.

·         Avoid touching their eyes, nose, or mouth. Germs spread this way.

Elementary report cards will be sent home on Tuesday, November 25th, 2015.  Here are a few tips to help parents and guardians provide their children with positive and constructive responses to report cards.

  • Establish academic goals together with your child.  These should be both short and long range and must be appropriate to the age of the child.  Work with your child’s teacher to establish these goals because you may find that your child has already established academic or behavioral goals and you can be a part of helping them reach them.
  • Clearly communicate your expectations with your child.  Also, determine if your expectations are realistic considering the student's ability level. Celebrate small successes.
  • Meet with your child's teachers and establish systems for ongoing communication.  Discuss strengths, interests, and problem areas with your child's teacher.  Any skill deficiencies that are causing performance problems must be correctly identified and addressed.  Seek support of the professionals in the building, including your child’s teacher, Mrs. Terra Toole, School ELA and Math coach, Mrs. Debby Miller, school social worker, and Mr. Mike Franciosa, our Intervention/Prevention teacher to advise you of opportunities that may exist to support your child’s progress.
  • Establish a study plan with your child.  He/she needs to develop regular study habits and to spend an adequate amount of time daily on homework. Your child should read EVERY DAY.

Finally, be sure to keep report cards in perspective.  Recognize and praise your child's successes, think about what motivates your child and reward your child for a good effort. Remember that it is just one measure of how your child is doing based in much part on the new curriculum and New York State standards.  As our holidays quickly approach us, it is important to be thankful and recognize the efforts of our students to grow and improve.  Our school received a New York State growth score of 15, making us an Effective school based on NYS growth scores. We must continue as a school community to acknowledge school-wide and individual student growth.

T’Hani Pantoja