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Dear School 46 Families,


We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! We ask you to join us in being thankful for our wonderful partners who engage with our children throughout our day.  Please join me in thanking the Greater Rochester Health Foundation, Mercier Literacy Program, Nazareth College, Rochester AmeriCorps, and Young Audience partners for the work they do with our children.  We also thank City of Rochester Recreation Program for providing after school care to many of our students and bringing wonderful opportunities such as the Thrive Program to our school.  Without all of their support, our school would not have so many amazing and engaging enrichment opportunities for our students.


Our Student Leadership Group has participated in several service learning projects.  Recently, they visited the Legacy Senior Residence and presented Veteran’s Day Letters of Appreciation.  They also have been working to support a school wide food drive to help needy families.  Their next endeavor will be volunteering for the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign on Saturday, December 13th, 2014.  They will be at Marketplace Mall near the North entrance to ring the bell in support of the Salvation Army.  We look forward to their continued leadership, service, and volunteerism on behalf of our students and school community.


More exciting news! This year we welcome our new Instrumental Music teacher, Ms. Alexandra Pitnell.  Thanks to the work of our amazing music teacher, Mrs. Bellamy, our Music Program has grown tremendously. This year’s concert is sure to be a treat. As a result of increased participation at the concert, we needed to seek out a new venue so our families could participate comfortably.  This year for the first time, our Winter Evening Concert, planned for Tuesday, December 16th at 6pm will be hosted at the East High School Auditorium.  East High School is located on 1801 East Main Street. We will need your support to ensure the performance is a success.  Please arrive on time, follow instructions for dropping off and picking up students after the concert, and encourage your children’s participation in this worthwhile event.

Finally, I wanted to share some information of significant importance about the impact of reading at home. A preponderance of research, including that done by Cynthia and Drew Johnson states “getting our students to read more may be the most valuable thing you can do to improve their vocabulary.  Further, although direct instruction plays a crucial part in vocabulary growth, most of the words your children learn will be acquired through incidental learning, as they read on their own.  Evidence shows that wide reading is the main avenue for students’ word acquisition.” This is powerful research and offers continued support for our home-school wide reading program.  Please support your child’s vocabulary by encouraging and supporting our Home Reading Incentive-Whoooo’s Reading at School #46.  October results indicated that our students read over 98,190 minutes at home.  Let’s encourage MORE home reading. Our top grades with the most minutes read at home were Grade 2 and Grade 5.  Way to Go! Please turn in the monthly calendars and continue to support this important endeavor.  TOGETHER let’s encourage our Scholarly Owls to S.O.A.R. Remember, at School #46 Scholarly Owls Always Read!



Happy Holidays,


T’Hani Pantoja