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Parents and Community Members,

Wow! It is already November and we have had a very busy beginning first quarter of the school year. So much to Whoot, Whoot about at Charles Carroll School #46.

Scholastic Book Fair
Recently, we had our Scholastic Book Fair event and it was a huge success thanks to the collaborative efforts of parents and school staff. During our “Grand” luncheon, our students served as helpers and really gave a warm welcome to parents and guests that came out to see our school and support the Book Fair. Every single year we have increased participation in this wonderful event. Feedback from one of  our guests was as follows: "First, let me express that I absolutely enjoyed the Grand Lunch!  All of the students and staff that greeted us were so inviting; we felt like VIPs!  A great team was put together for the Grand Lunch event and we were very glad to be able to attend.  We applaud you wonderful students."  Our students were polite, attentive, and enthusiastic. Special thanks go to our staff and parent  volunteers, including Mrs. Patty Singh, and staff member, Ms. Kirstin Mulvaney for helping to make this event such a huge success.

Holiday Bazaar and PTA Leadership

Our PTA continues to work hard to support special events such as fundraisers and opportunities to build community. Our next major event is our annual Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, December 5th. Please be sure to connect with our PTA president, Ms. Ann Geyer to find ways you can volunteer. “Together we can all make a difference in support of our children and school”. Our parent representatives for the 2015-2016 School Based Planning Team are Clara Chestnut, Michelle Sahmel and our newest member Nahmese Bacot. I would like to thank them for dedicating their time to support our efforts.

Elementary Report Cards

Elementary report cards will be sent home on Friday, November 20th, 2015. Here are a few tips to help parents and guardians provide their children with positive and constructive responses to report cards.

· Establish academic goals with your child, working with their teacher.

· Clearly communicate your expectations to your child. Your child should read EVERY DAY.

· Celebrate small successes.

· Meet with your child's teachers and establish systems for ongoing communication. Seek support of the professionals in our building, including your child’s teacher, Mrs. Terra Toole-ELA and Math coach (ext. 2121), Mrs. Debby Miller-social worker (ext. 1181), Mrs. Mary Pellegrino-Reading Teacher K-3 (ext. 2121), and Mr. Mike Franciosa-our Intervention/Prevention teacher (ext.2000) to advise you of opportunities that may exist to support your child’s progress.

Finally, be sure to keep report cards in perspective. Recognize and praise your child's successes, think about what motivates your child and reward your child for a good effort. Remember that it is
just one measure of how your child is doing with our New York State standards.  As our holidays quickly approach us, it is important to be thankful and recognize the efforts of our students to grow and improve. We are working hard on finding ways to include your children in understanding their progress and establishing goals. We would appreciate your ongoing support.

T’Hani Pantoja


PBIS Value word of the month: Generosity

Ø Veteran’s Day November 11th - No School

Ø Thanksgiving Recess November 25th – 27th – No School

Ø Holiday Bazaar – Saturday, December 5th