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Welcome to
Abraham Lincoln School No. 22 

950 Norton Street

(585) 467-7160

Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 6

 Principal: Clinton Bell

 Assistant Principal: Terrilyn Hammond

Assistant Principal:  David Polonia
Parent Liaison: Abigail Rodriguez

PTO President:
Maurice Little
School Hours
Arrival        7:30 am
Departure   3:30 pm

Half Days for Students:

7:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. 

(Students will be dismissed at 11:30 am)

June 7, 2016 


 to HELP2 all of our students by ensuring that they are:
  • Here
  • Engaged
  • Learning
  • Prepared
  • Progressing 
Vision:  School 22 students will enter secondary level education prepared to successfully continue their education with the goal of graduating high school, ready for college and career.

At Abraham Lincoln School No. 22:

Reading instruction is enhanced through the 100 Book Challenge Independent Reading Program which provides reading materials at students’ independent reading level and helps them progress to more advanced levels. The Principal's Book of the Month and Literacy Night enable students and parents to share in the joy of reading.

In addition to our hands-on approach to math (Math Investigations), our Math Academy Program encourages students to become fluent in basic facts by participating in weekly competitions. A new computer lab offers math programs such as Compass Learning to reinforce skills. 

We embrace and support Spanish-speaking students through a Bilingual Program that develops literacy in English and Spanish at grades K-6. Both Spanish and English languages are used throughout the building and an appreciation for both languages is modeled in various school activities.
Our PBIS program and Model Student programs reward students for making positive choices. Our students follow “Lincoln Laws” by being responsible, respectful and safe. Students earn “Gotcha” tickets when they are caught “doing the right thing,” by the staff. They then visit the “Gotcha”store where they purchase prizes. (For example: lunch with an administrator or other school staff of their choice, school supplies, games, toys, etc.) In addition, our Model Students are recognized school-wide and participate in fun activities to celebrate their positive behavior. Students can participate in programs such as Safety Patrol,Scott Spino Literacy Foundation and Resiliency Program.

 Celebrations are held throughout the school year,including a Multicultural Fair and a Spring Carnival organized by our community partners.We celebrate Hispanic Heritage and Black History Months as well as academic celebrations like the 100 Book Challenge.

 Over 200 volunteers share in the support of our school’s mission. These include partnerships with of the First Unitarian Church, Buddies, Bridges & Brains, the Scott Spino Literacy Foundation, and the Free Partnership. Our volunteers work with students on one-to-one reading activities that encourage them to develop a love of reading.

Our computer lab and mobile laptop computer lab are used in classrooms to assist students in learning and using technology. The library is equipped with new computers and a Smartboard, which allows students to utilize various computer programs. Many of our classes have access to Smartboards, as well.