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2016 Legislative Agenda

U.S. Government:


  1. Provide a comprehensive understanding of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and its implications for resources and state regulations.
  2. Advocate for federal education grants to New York State and to the Rochester City School District.

 New York State:


1.     Allow more time for instruction of English-Language Learner (ELL) students before being required to take mandatory ELA exams 

      2.  Provide additional funding for K-3 reading teachers.

3.     Raise the age for compulsory education to 18 in the Rochester City School District and state-wide.

4.     Obtain permanent, adequate funding for school health services; permanent ability to access, partner with, and/or contract with the full range of health care providers, insurers, and technological assets of the community, expressly including, but not limited to, BOCES.

5.     Advocate for the District to obtain additional NYS grant funding.

6.     Restore the original NYS Foundation Aid formula to increase funding to enable school districts to meet the needs of high-need students. School districts have faced additional budget constraints due to Contract for Excellence funding having been frozen at the same level for years.  The impact of these measures at the State level has been to reduce the amount of NYS Aid to the Rochester City School District by $8M for 2016-17.

7.     Advocate for the Universal Transportation pilot program and/or flexible NYS Transportation Aid to enable RCSD students to have bus service within 1 ½-mile distance limit, particularly in the earlier grades. 

8.     Provide funding to ensure the sustainability of summer school programs and expanded learning programs that have proven to be quality and working.

9.     Eliminate high-stakes testing.

10.  Provide clear rules for the Boards of Education as it relates to the Receivership law and its guidelines.

11.  Provide a clear understanding on the actual impact of Receivership from NYS Legislators and Board of Regents on actual impact.

12.  Support for NYS Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan bill on Safe and Supportive Schools.

13.  Support the policy recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Committee of the NYS Regents to Improve Outcomes for Boys and Young Men of Color.


Monroe County:


  1. Support the work and goals of the 3-on-3-on-3 Task Force collaboration of RCSD, Monroe County, and the City of Rochester:
    • Collaborative approach to youth intervention;
    • Research options for information-sharing;
    • Develop indicators to alert District, County and City staff to potential problems; and
    • Recommend paths for intervention.

      2.  Use of Telemedicine:  Benefits and Potential Impact on Student Attendance.

      3.     Public Assistance Benefits: eligibility for benefits and student attendance in the District. 

4.     Develop and expand mental health services collaborations and partnerships to improve access to services in schools.


City of Rochester:


        1.  District – City collaboration on appropriate initiatives, including:
    • The Facilities Modernization Program
    • The Truancy Program

    • Early Childhood Education Initiative

    • Additional items as determined or developed by the 3-on-3-on-3 Task Force

2.   Work to ensure that the Maintenance of Effort is enacted as envisioned by New York State at $119.1 million per year.