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Dr. Bolgen Vargas, Superintendent of Schools
Bolgen Vargas, Ed.D., received his doctorate in Education Leadership and Organization from the University of Pennsylvania and received the honor of distinction for his dissertation. His dissertation topic, “Educational Success in the Face of Adversity as Measured by High School Graduation,” which also serves as his personal philosophy of education, was based on his analysis of the Rochester City School District's high school graduating class of 2009. His dissertation research compared the success and failure rates of students facing the same multiple risk factors. He also holds a bachelor of arts in international studies and a master's degree in school counseling from the State University of New York at Brockport.
Dr. Vargas' educational experience includes serving on the Rochester Board of Education from 1996-2003 including four years as Board President (1998-2002), and two decades as a school guidance counselor in the Greece Central School District (Greece, NY). He is particularly proud of his proven ability to work productively with boards of education, elected officials, union officials, community representatives and members of the academic community to support students' educational and social needs. He strongly believes in working collaboratively with teachers, families, and community groups to develop short and long-term plans as well as capitalizing on the strengths and resources of local businesses and universities to benefit students.
He has also served the Rochester community in numerous professional and volunteer positions, including as a member of the Board of Directors and Past President of Puerto Rican Youth Development & Resource Center (PRYD) in Rochester.
Dr. Vargas' life experience parallels that of some of his dissertation subjects. Born in the Dominican Republic, he immigrated to the United States as a high school student speaking only Spanish. Beating the odds, he graduated from New York City's Seward Park High School with the support of multiple adults in his life – parents, family, and teachers.
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