At the end of the school year, School of the Arts hosts an annual prom for juniors and seniors; they are welcome to attend once the following requirements have been met:

    • they are passing all classes, 
    • have not missed more than four (4) days in the Fourth Marking Period, 
    • fulfilled their financial responsibility regarding: uniforms, locks, caps and gowns, returned all text/library books, paid all outstanding bills and exam fees, 
    • completed all graduation requirements, to include but not limited to graduation photo, and 
    • completed their Community Service obligation necessary for graduation.

    Please Note: Academic standing and discipline issues may also affect eligibility; attendance to the prom is at the discretion of the Administration.  

    SOTA students may bring a date from another school to prom; students who choose to bring a guest from another school are expected to do the following: 

    • Submit a VISITOR FORM, which is completed by the guest’s home school administrator, or if the guest is not attending high school, permission from the parent/guardian of the SOTA student is needed. Forms may be found in the third floor Academy Office.
    • Two-weeks prior to the purchase of prom tickets studenst must turn-in the completed VISITOR FORM for verification/approval of the guest.
    • SOTA students and their guests MUST arrive to the prom by 9:00 PM or they will not be allowed to enter the event.
    • On the evening of the prom, SOTA students and their guests MUST turn over their driver’s license or a valid picture school ID upon entering the venue. These items will be returned to the owner at the end of the evening. 

    If any student or guest leaves the area designated for the SOTA prom for any reason, without an official escort, re-entry will not be permitted for that student. 

    Students and guests who attend the prom who are believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed entry to the prom, or will be detained until the parent or authorities have arrived. 

    Any Questions Regarding These Procedures May be Directed to the Assistant Principal of the Junior and Senior Class.