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    Outside guests at prom:

    SOTA students may bring a date from another school to prom; students who choose to bring a guest from another school are expected to do the following: 

    • Submit a VISITOR FORMwhich is completed by the guest’s home school administrator, or if the guest is not attending high school, permission from the parent/guardian of the SOTA student is needed. Forms may be found in the second floor Academy Office.
    • Two-weeks prior to the purchase of prom tickets, students must turn-in the completed VISITOR FORM for verification/approval of the guest.
    • SOTA students and their guests MUST arrive at the prom by 8:30 PM or they will not be allowed to enter the event.
    • On the evening of the prom, SOTA students and their guests MUST turn over their driver’s license or a valid picture school ID upon entering the venue. These items will be returned to the owner at the end of the evening. 


    How to buy Prom tickets:

    Prom tickets will be sold in the Main Office during your lunch period (period 5, 6, or 8), during two separate weeks

        • May 8th – May 12th 2023: Ticket prices will be $60 per ticket.
        • May 17th-May 19th 2023: Ticket prices will be $70 per ticket.

    ** The line will start in the Commons at the door to the Main Office. If you do not have a lunch period, please see Ms. Kays one of those days.

    • Each ticket will need to be paid for in cash. Each SOTA student must purchase their own ticket. When you purchase your ticket, you will receive and sign the Prom Promise and receive a receipt for your purchase. No tickets will be sold after May 19th, 2023.  
    • SENIORS: The following things should be completed by May 24th before you purchase a ticket:    Library Clearance – see the Librarian to turn in all books and settle any debts; if you are cleared by the Librarian, your name will be put on a list
      • All debts paid (uniforms, locks, calculators) – see teacher/coaches to settle any debts
      • Cap and Gown must be paid


    Attendance on Prom day:

    You must be in school from 8:30am – 11am the morning of prom. The earliest you can leave with an early dismissal excuse is 10:40 am. You will be required to sign out in the Foyer with Ms. Kays. See 3rd floor house office or A173 for early dismissal information.  This is an UNEXCUSED absence and we need a PERMISSION FORM to excuse prom goers at 11AM.

    If any student or guest leaves the area designated for the SOTA prom for any reason, without an official escort, re-entry will not be permitted for that student. 

    Students and guests who attend the prom who are believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed entry to the prom, or will be detained until the parents or authorities have arrived. 



    Any questions regarding these procedures may be directed to Ms. Kays