• Community Service is a non-paying job done by one person, or a group of people, for the benefit of the community. All Grade11 & 12 must complete at least 10-hours of Community Service hours to be performed outside of the school day. 

    Community Service opportunities are listed on the Information Board located outside the third floor Commencement Academy Office. If you would like to participate in a Community Service activity that is NOT listed, the activity must be pre-approved by the Administrator in charge of Grades 11 and 12.  The Administrator or their designee will verify all hours that do not originate from the Information Board, and has the authority to refuse un-approved service hours. 

    Community Service Opportunities

    • Community Service hours must be unpaid.
    • You should strongly consider completing more than 20-hours of Community Service as it can strengthen your college applications. 
    • Volunteer at a hospital, nursing home, a community summer program, or church.
    • Participate in an organized cleanup activity at a local park, playground or community center.
    • Register at www.volunteermatch.com, www.RochesterCares.org, or visit Foodlink at www.foodlinkNY.org to find other great opportunities.
    • Serve as a SOTA Ambassador for events at school.   
    • Check out the volunteer opportunities at the Seneca Park Zoo, Lollypop Farm, or the Rochester Animal Services Center.

    Community Service Guidelines

    • Please remember... you must return a completed Community Service form to the Commencement Office for each service opportunity.
    • Community Service hours will not be accepted on a day that the student was not in school.   
    • Community Service cannot be completed during a school day. 
    • Community Service hours cannot be signed-off on by a family member.
    • Students will only be able to purchase a prom ticket if their Community Service hours are completed. 

    If you have any questions before beginning your service hours, please call the Commencement Office. All Community Service hours must be completed in order to purchase prom tickets. If a junior does not fulfill their Community Service hours, they may not be allowed to participate in SOTA’s prom. 

    Approved by the School Based Planning Team 2009