• Go Plaid or Go Mad!

      Some people believe that if you dream big there is nothing you can't achieve. Those people are the students of School of the Arts (SOTA). From the moment our students walk through our doors, there is a passion for them to be all that they can be.  The Arts bring a purpose to every aspect of their academic life at SOTA.

      SOTA’s Drama Department has been selected to perform at the 2014 American High School Theatre Festival (AHSTF)in Edinburgh, Scotland. The AHSTF is part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest and most prestigious arts festival in the world. More than 2,500 schools across North America applied for this privilege and only 75 are selected annually.  

      Each August, Edinburgh, Scotland, becomes one of the most magical places on earth as performing artists from all over the world take part in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  The whole city becomes a stage and visitors can view performances everywhere from playgrounds to conference rooms to city parks and churches.  The Fringe Festival includes more than 2,000 different performances of music, theatre, dance, and comedy during its three-week run. 

    School of the Arts is eager to perform at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Go Plaid or Go Mad in 2014! Our students need your help to make this dream of performing on the world stage come true!