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    From Broadway to Obscurity Thursday, September 22nd at 8:15PM ONLY

    ROCeltic: The Stories We Carry in Our Bones (Featuring School of the Arts Alumni, Brianna Kelly) Thursday, September 22nd at 8:15PM ONLY

    When the Curtains Close ( featuring School of the Arts Alumni & staff member Neyda Colón-DiMaria) Friday September 23rd at 7:00PM 

    Bocon (featuring School of the Arts students!) Saturday, September 17th OR Saturday, September 24th

    *Free tickets are for School of the Arts students, guardians and siblings only!  There is a limited supply available, so book quickly*


    A Tie That Binds

    After receiving 4 ½ stars at Capital Fringe! Philadelphia-based SHARP Dance Company is thrilled to present “A Tie that Binds,” featuring choreography by Joe Cotler (Former Koresh dancer),  Kevin Ferguson & Miguel Quiñones (Former Parsons dancers),  and Artistic Director Diane Sharp-Nachsin.  Audience favorite numbers include: The Journey (a story of waking up in bed alone), Unguarded Moment (highlighting the strength it takes to break ties that bind us), and Stories (touchstones of relationships we form).

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    DivaZ: A Musical Tribute to Nina Simone, Billie Holiday

    and Tina Turner

    Slight Pandemonium Productions presents “Zahyia & The Benevolent Mischief Arkestra” in “DivaZ,” an evening of music featuring Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, and Tina Turner.  Zahyia is a performer who defies labels and defines the word ‘artist.’ As a songwriter, lyricist, producer, and creative visionary, Zahyia only recognizes boundaries and limits long enough to cross them.  She’s been stunning national audiences for the past 20 years as a show-stopping performer/vocalist where her diverse, wide-ranging talents shine. Don’t miss this high-energy performance!

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    Human Resources

    “Human Resources” is a curated showcase of choreography by multiple artists from Rochester and New York City. This performance will take audiences through a journey of sound, light and exquisite movement, celebrating the capacity of the human body to communicate and feel. Each dance is a crystallized, unique visceral experience, transmitted from the bodies on stage to the bodies in the audience. Choreographers include James Hansen, Michelle Pritchard, Heather Roffe, Yoshito Sakuraba, and Mariko Yamada.

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    Jumpsuit Suite

    An evening-length compilation of contemporary dance repertory, ranging from solos to group works featuring the choreography, contrast and collaboration of Zoe Walders’ gestural energy and Zachary Frazee’s luscious, dynamic movement.

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    On Your Feet

    Join dancers from A Touch of Dance through the many genres and emotions of dance, from cheerful and tender to whimsical, as they get audiences on their feet and express their passion for dance.

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    rise up lights

    ROCeltic: The Stories We Carry In Our Bones

    A collection of original choreography and compositions that focuses on Irish-Americans and explores the various music and dance forms that connect Irish-Americans not only to their Irish roots, but to other cultures.  This show celebrates Irish heritage - past, present, and future - and is progressive with a traditional foundation. This show will surely excite, intrigue, and captivate artists and audiences of all ages.

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    Terry Fyke's Five Point Performance Company Broadway Revue

    The Five Point Performance Company Show Choir is thrilled to return to the Fringe for the third time! The company performs its interactive show featuring Disney-style songs, tricks and hip-hop moves, and numbers for the audience to sing along.

    The show will include select Broadway favorites recently performed in Walt Disney World, Lilac Festival, and the George Eastman House.

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    The 12 Dancing Princesses

    Enter the magical world of 12 princesses who love to dance. They sing to enter a secret passage into an enchanted forest each night. The king proclaims that the first person to discover the secret of where the princesses go each night shall receive their heart’s desire and eight bags of gold! Romance, mystery, and comedy will unfold in the magical experience that will enchant all ages. Presented by Terry Fyke’s Main Street Players.

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    The Painter

    “The Painter” is an energetic performance comprised of dance, art and raw emotion. Artist Corinne Yancone creates a large painting live as talented local dancers unite to interpret her story through contemporary and jazz movement. This performance highlights Corinne’s painting journey as it aligns with grieving the loss of her father, Robert Fallone Jr. In hopes of brighter days, “The Painter” confides in art and never ceases to find beauty while enduring life’s most painful obstacles.

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    The Turn of the Screw & Other Terrifying Tales

    Get into the fall spirit as Rochester City Ballet brings our “Season of Storytelling” to life!  RCB highlights eerie tales including “The Turn of the Screw,” a classic thriller novella by Henry James, along with other chilling and epic stories sure to tantalize dance, literature, and horror enthusiasts alike. Featuring a masterful mix choreography - including that of the famed Salvatore Aiello - the program highlights the incredibly talented RCB dancers with sagas that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

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    When The Curtains Close

    Humans are not strangers to grief and death, as it is truly inevitable. This one-night show full of movement explores the side effects of grief, from the survival of the mundane and the anticipation to the memories, support and more. Choreographed by SOTA Alumni Neyda Colón-DiMaria in collaboration with her dancers, When The Curtains Close does not shy away from the reality or discussion of grief. Join the conversation - all are welcome.

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    BARDBENDING: A Same-Sex Shakespeare Sampler

    BARDBENDING is Back! WallByrd Theatre Co. is once again twisting the conventions on gender in this modern mash-up of William Shakespeare’s greatest hits. From the side-splitting to the heart-wrenching, get a taste of the company’s signature blend of pop culture and classics. BARDBENDING: A SAME-SEX SHAKESPEARE SAMPLER uses a unique lens to view how gender defines (and redefines) some of the greatest stories ever told.

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    Back by popular demand!  School of the Arts Drama invites you to follow as 12-year-old Miguel who flees a repressive Central American military regime for a new life in Los Angeles. Along the way he meets up with an unusual traveling companion, La Llorona, the legendary “Weeping Woman” of Mexican and Central American mythology.

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    A married couple sits inside their kitchen. The wife dreams of a long-ago romantic reverie, and the husband can only think of their present life together. Will their emotional distancing and reflections keep them apart? Aspie Works presents Harold Pinter’s moving drama, directed by company founder Justin Rielly.

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    Nickel Flour Presents an ICONIC Variety Show

    Don’t miss this genre-defying variety show from the company that brought audiences 1st Impressions, a choose-your-own-adventure play, in 2021! Katherine Marino of “Muffin Theatre Spectacular” fame plays the lovely and hilarious hostess, guiding audiences through iconic Fringe genres during this jam-packed hour of comedy, music, theater, juggling and more! Great for those who like a little bit of everything (or are too picky to choose).

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    Oh, the Non-Humanity!

    Peanut butter and jelly, 45s in a jukebox, guardian angels, public restroom vending “supplies,” and celestial bodies - what do these all have in common? They are all characters in the five 10-minute plays that make up “Oh, the Non-Humanity!” - very human topics, but none with actual real human characters.

    These short plays are written by published playwright Hilary Bluestein-Lyons and will be presented in collaboration with Rochester’s most talented directors and actors.

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    The Elites

    Join the class revolution! An incident of bullying becomes a metaphorical boxing match between the mother of a private schoolboy and a clueless school psychologist.

    Brad Craddock is the author of “Learning Targets,” “The Fighting Girl’s Guide to Politics,” “Pink Ribbons,” and “Something Wicked.” This biting satire stars Jillian Christensen and Katie Keating.

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    The Worst Scientist

    The Worst Scientist will attempt to lead the audience of scientists young and old through a wacky journey of scientific exploration, discovery, and collaboration. This 30-minute interactive science show brings audience volunteers up on stage to take part in multiple science experiments, games, and quizzes in the context of a light-hearted competition.

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    Bronco Brad Tootin' Good Time Show

    Rumored to be from fictional WEXT-TV, Bronco Brad takes his pretend wooden guitar, wooden clackers, and sidekick Wally the Happy Talking Neutrino to the stage for whacked-out cowboy songs and made-up tales of the Old West, along with visits by Oog, Son of Ahg (30,000 BC), and the Fun Farm Hootananny. Sing along to “Davy The Pickled Egg” and learn how to draw a flying liver spaceship! Comedy that’s absurd for adults, goofy for kids, and clean enough for grandma.

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    ExperiMENTAL, winner of the Orlando Fringe’s “Patrons’ Pick” award, is an interactive mind-reading experience that twists reality in the most delightful way.  Steven knows what you’re thinking, and he’s happy to prove it to you.  Audience involvement is integral to the show, and your individual thoughts and decisions will make every performance a unique event, so bring a secret, bring a friend, and bring an open mind to this most unusual entertainment experience.

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    Howie Hynotize: A Comedy Hynosis Show

    Stars are born from audience participation, so be a star (you know you want to).  Live and in-person only!

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    Out of the Woods

    Girl explores forest. Girl meets wolf. Girl becomes woman. That’s the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but what exactly happens in those woods? Out of the Woods explores the bewildering power of sexual awakenings on and offstage during a Mormon musical theatre camp production of Sondheim’s Into the Woods. This dark comedy asks: how does one have a relationship with men when part of their brain thinks that they’ll be murdered and eventually dug up by a raccoon?

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    Stand-Up through the Ages

    “Stand-Up Through the Ages” is back at Club SOTA!  Seven comedians ranging from their 20s to their 80s share their unique and hilarious observations, proving that no matter your age, life is definitely a laughing matter.  The popular performers from previous sold-out shows return, bringing original jokes galore.  Enjoy the wit of Kelsey Claire Hagen, Tori Hosier, Charlie Frusci, Miriam Zinter, Bob Holzwarth, Dan Mulcahy, and host, Phyllis Reed.

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    Summertime Sunshine Singalong with the BenAnna Band

    Kids will go bananas for this high-energy musical duo that will have everyone singing, dancing, and playing along on live instruments! Bring your dancing shoes and big smiles to make this musical performance to remember. The BenAnna Band wants the whole crowd to get involved in the music-making, so they’ll bring a large amount of hand-held instruments for kids and caretakers. This performance is geared towards children who are developmentally 0-8 years old.

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    The Great Improv Therapy Comedy Show

    Shake off the shackles of the past and exorcise your demon with laughter! Join the First Couple of Comedy, Karen and Andy of Defiant Monkey Improv, as they present an hour of improvised cranial therapy, recreating an audience member’s (minor) embarrassing moment and giving them a fresh start.

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    You Know the Old Slaying

    Playhouse on Park presents an interactive murder mystery! When a mysterious death befalls a cast member of a theater troupe, everyone’s a suspect—and everyone seems to have motive to commit the dastardly deed. Was it the director? The starlet? Perhaps the stage diva? Whodunnit? This interactive, open-ended play requires audience participation, so it’s up to you to decide who actually slayed our poor friend (or enemy, depending on what you thought of him)!

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    The Boom Chicks

    Join The Boom Chicks for a set or two (or three) and get your feet tapping to popular songs from the ’60s through the ’90s. The Chicks lend soul-satisfying a cappella harmonies and rhythms to everything from the Beatles to the Backstreet Boys.

    This is a FREE Performance



    A Little Night Music:

    Casey Jones Costello Sings Broadway and Beyond

    Vocalist Casey Jones Costello returns to the Rochester Fringe Festival for “A Little Night Music,” an intimate cabaret performance featuring songs from Broadway musicals, Hollywood movies, the Great American Songbook, and beyond; including works by some of the greatest songwriters of the 20th century like Alan Menken, Stephen Sondheim, Jerome Kern, and Andrew Lloyd Webber. From beloved favorites to hidden gems, please join Casey as he presents an eclectic, entertaining journey in song. (Find him on TikTok and Instagram: @caseyjcostello)

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    Diary of a Substitute Teacher - Trials, Tribulations and Tantrums

    Did you ever wonder what it’s like to be a substitute teacher – someone tasked with your child’s learning? Find out in this hilarious, first-person account! This comedy starts during the interview process and takes you from teaching kindergarten to high school and the pandemic, including stops in gym, art, and the library. Hear the hilarity and insanity associated with being a hired educator, from the mind of Jim Harney.

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    From Broadway to Obscurity

    <span "="">A musical exploration about one man’s struggle to get to the top of his game, and then the struggle to find his place when the game has ended.

    Eric Gutman made the transition from Jersey Boys Broadway star to suburban Michigan dad - now, he shares his extraordinary gifts with audiences in this thrilling concert experience that weaves together songs from musical theater and popular music, with sneak peeks at what goes on backstage at one of the biggest hits in Broadway history.

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    Rhythm Delivered

    Bang! Clap! Snap! Flap!

    DrumatiX presents “Rhythm Delivered,” a family friendly performance mixing tap dance, body percussion, drumming, technology, humor, and audience interaction. This high-energy, imaginative, creative show created by Noa Barankin and featuring international talent, invented instruments, found items, barrels, buckets, and more comes to life as dancers create live soundtracks on stage.

    “The techniques, rhythms, and materials…are innovative and fascinating…it’s nearly impossible not to let your toes tap along.”

    Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind experience!

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    Band Geeks

    If music be the food of love, then these girls are starving.  Candace and Crystal have been making the sweet, sweet music of friendship since they accidentally harmonized on their recorders in the third grade chorus room.  Locking eyes, they knew right then and there music had brought them together forever.  From the twisted minds that brought you “The Oboe Show” and “Big Knockers,” this comedy show set to live music will delight band geeks and music lovers alike.

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