Spanish Class
    Spanish 1P: 8th grade Spanish for students who have not taken Spanish class previously.


    Welcome to Spanish class! Learning a foreign language is extremely exciting and useful! Every culture is important and we are going to learn about other countries and cultures to become more well-rounded. It will be enjoyable to understand a different language.  


    The best way to contact me is by e-mailerical.cline@rcsdk12.org

    Parents: Please feel free to contact me anytime! I am looking forward to working with you in order to have a successful school year with your student and allow them to enjoy learning about a foreign language and different cultures.


    There are two websites that are very important for the classroom.

    The first website is the School of the Arts website (which will have different events located on it and contact information for teachers): http://www.sotarochester.org

    The second website is for our book. We use the realidades textbook. Each child will receive a book, but the website is helpful for practice and for vocabulary sheets if the students forget their book at school:  http://www.phschool.com/webcodes10/index.cfm?wcprefix=jck&wcsuffix=0001&area=view



    Angry Verbs Project

    This is an example of a project that was completed in class. It was an angry verbs project. The students had to write a sentence is Spanish and conjugate the verb correctly and the decorate the angry verb. They then had to walk around and translate some of the other birds and see if there were any corrections that needed to be made. This is one of the interactive and exciting projects/assignments that are completed throughout the year.