School of the Arts
Name Title Responsibility E-mail Phone Extention
Nicastro, Kelly Principal Building Safety and Security, Fire Drills/Evacuation Plans, Gaggle Report, High School Counselors, Math, OCR/Appeals/BEDS, Scheduling, SLO Approvals, and Senior Graduation Requirements Kelly.Nicastro@rcsdk12.org 242-7682 ext. 1667
Brody, Samantha Assistant Principal Grades 11 and 12, Attendance, Cafeteria, Center for Youth, Social Studies, Chemistry, Physics, Library, Professional Development, Social Work, SBPT, SCEP samantha.brody@rcsdk12.org 242-7682 ext. 3000
Chandler, Brian Assistant Principal Grades 7 and 8, General Science, Earth Science, Student Incentive Luncheon, ISS/CARE,Living Environment, Middle School Counselors, and School Safety Officers Brian.Chandler@rcsdk12.ORG 242-7682 ext. 4000
Roche, Richard Athletic Director Dance, Athletic Eligibility, Health, Physical Education, Sports Scheduling, Nurse's Office richard.roche@rcsdk12.org 242-7682 ext. 2270
Tirre, Alan Assistant Principal Grade 9, English/ESOL, Foreign Language, Gaggle Report, Reading, School Photos, Technology, Website/Twitter/Facebook, Testing, and Transportation Alan.Tirre@rcsdk12.org 242-7682 ext. 2000
Belculfine, Mario Assistant Principal Grade 10, Auditions, Eligibility Arts, Hillside Work Scholarship, Lockers, SOTA Productions, Special Education, Student Teachers, Substitute Teachers, Testing Back-up Mario.Belculfine@rcsdk12.org 242-7682 ext. 2000