Students are responsible for all textbooks, library books, educational materials, tape-recorders, musical instruments, special equipment, uniforms, locks, calculators, etc. that are loaned to them for the school year. A record of textbooks and library books borrowed is created and maintained. When you return materials, they are scanned and the serial number of the returned material is deleted from your loan record.  If any materials are lost, the student is expected to reimburse the RCSD. The costs range from $.95 to $175.00 for lost items. 

    It is critical that you write your name in the designated area of each of your textbooks. The library will have a record of all calculators, books, and materials loaned.  If you move during the school year, each textbook and library book must be returned to the library and a clearance slip will be issued.  We will not forward your school records until you have completed your financial responsibilities at School of the Arts.

    A notification of all books that have not been returned will be sent to students by email throughout the school year. 

    Please Note:  Books can be purchased through Amazon.com for a fraction of the cost.  In order to do so, you must have the ISBN# and have the books shipped directly to SOTA in care of the Librarian.  For more information, please contact the Librarian at ext. 6025. 

    Failure to return, replace or pay for missing textbooks may result in the student not being allowed to attend extracurricular events such as prom, field trips and graduation.  


    Payment for all lost books and outstanding bills MUST be made prior to purchasing a prom ticket,  receiving graduation tickets, and caps/gowns. Graduating students will not be allowed to attend the prom, participate in the graduation ceremony, or receive their diplomas until all fines are satisfied, and library clearance is obtained.  Once all fines and library obligations are met, students can schedule an appointment with the Administrator in charge of the graduating class to obtain their diploma.