It is not SOTA procedure to transfer calls into the classroom during instructional time. Cell phones will not be accessible to your students during the day, so please do not call your child on their cell phone to inform them about a family emergency.   

    Please use our Counseling Services to assist with sharing this type of information. 

      Messages will be given to students in case of an emergency.

    If there is an emergency, please call the appropriate grade office (listed below) and state the nature of the emergency.  Our counselors may also assist you in reaching your child for a fmaily emergency.

    The Academy Secretary will see to it that the student is found immediately. 

     We cannot interrupt instructional time to call students away from class to answer a phone call.  


    7th/8th Grade: 585-242-7682 x4000

    9th/10th Grade: 585-242-7682 x2000

    11th/12th Grade: 585-242-7682 x3000