• School of the Arts will be following the section pertaining

    to dress codes from the RCSD Code of Conduct

    DRESS CODE Standards: (including those established in individual schools) will be applied equally to students of all race, age, genders, gender expression, orientation or gender identity All persons are expected to give proper attention to personal hygiene and to dress appropriately for school and school functions. When on school property or at a school function, a person’s dress, grooming and appearance, including jewelry, make-up and nails, must: 1. Cover buttocks, waist and chest. 2. Not include clothing, headgear or jewelry that is associated with or identifiable as a symbol of gang membership. 3. Be void of abusive, suggestive or profane language; symbols of illegal substances; or any other words, symbols or slogans that disrupt the learning environment or deny dignity or respect to others. 4. Include shoes, which are to be worn at all times for health and safety reasons.