AP Biology 

    AP Biology Syllabus 

    Course Description

    In AP Biology, an emphasis is on students making connections between the big ideas within the AP Biology Curriculum Framework. I teach the equivalent of an introductory college-‐level biology course, and it is designed to prepare students for the AP Biology Exam.

    Lab techniques are learned through researching journal papers, hands-on labs which make up at least 25% of instructional time. [CR7] Labs emphasize development and testing of the hypothesis, collection, analysis and presentation of data, as well as discussion of results to discover unanswered questions about the particular topics addressed. A minimum of two labs in each big idea will be conducted. [CR6] Students are required to report on all laboratory investigations. [CR8] The student-directed and inquiry-based laboratory investigations used throughout the course enable students to apply the seven science practices as defined in the Curriculum Framework.

    AP Government 

    AP Government Syllabus  

    Course Description

    AP U.S Government and Politics is an intensive study of the formal and informal structures of the U.S. government and the processes of the American political system. There is a strong emphasis on the constitutional foundations of the institutions of the U.S. Government, its policy making processes and subsequent methods of implementation. This course is designed to prepare students to complete the AP Exam.  

    AP US History

    AP US History Syllabus  

     Course Description

    APUSH is a college-level writing-intensive survey course that covers American history from the pre-Columbian period to the present. We will examine the social, political, and economic development of the United States, with an emphasis on CRITICAL THINKING and HISTORICAL ANALYSIS. 

    APUSH is for students with a serious interest in the study of history. You must take EXTENSIVE NOTES from texts, other readings, and from classroom lectures and discussions.   You will prepare for SEMINAR DISCUSSIONS, ROLE-PLAYING ACTIVITIES, study for QUIZZES, and write ESSAYS including Document-Based Questions (DBQs).

    AP World History 

    AP World History Syllabus  

    Course Description  

    In AP World History at School of Arts you will develop a greater understanding of the evolution of global processes and contacts including interactions over time. This full year course explores the expansive history of the human world. You will learn many facts, but also the critical thinking skills necessary to analyze historical evidence. Imbedded within the curriculum of this course are five themes that will be used as a frame of reference in the chronological study of our world’s history; these themes are: Interaction between humans and the environment; development and interaction of cultures; state-building, expansion and conflict; creation, expansion, and interaction of economic systems; and development and transformation of social structures.

    WHAP is equivalent to an introductory college survey course. The course has a three-fold purpose. First, it is to prepare students for successful placement into higher-level college and university courses. Second, it is designed to develop skills of analysis and thinking in order to prepare students for success in the twenty-first century. Finally, it is the intent of this course to make the learning of world history an enjoyable experience (perhaps even fun). You will write essays, do projects and participate in Socratic learning circles in order to meet the course objectives.

    AP Language and Composition

    AP Language and Composition Syllabus  

    Course Description

    Advanced Placement English Language and Composition is a junior level, one credit English course offered at School of the Arts. The course corresponds with the objectives and expectations outlined in the College Board Course Description.  Students in this course are expected to perform at a higher level than Regents and honors English classes. Depending on the school, students who score a 4 on the AP English and Language Composition Exam are ready for a College Composition Two course.

    AP Calculus

    AP Calculus Syllabus   

    Course Description

    Calculus AB is primarily concerned with developing the students’ understanding of the concepts of calculus and providing experience with its methods and applications. The courses emphasize a multi representational approach to calculus, with concepts, results, and problems being expressed graphically, numerically, analytically, and verbally

    AP Physics

      AP Physics Syllabus

     Course Description

    AP Physics 1 is an AP-level algebra-based physics course, taught as a first-year college physics class for 11th and 12th graders. The AP Physics 1 course is conducted using inquiry-based instructional strategies that focus on experimentation to develop students’ conceptual understanding of physics principles.

    AP Literature and Composition Online

    AP English Literature and Composition Online 

    Course Description

    Advanced Placement English in Literature and Composition engages students in the careful reading and critical analysis of imaginative literature (primarily using the Western canon with a focus on British literature). Through close readings of selected texts, students will deepen their understanding of the ways writers use language to provide both meaning and pleasure for their readers. Additionally, this course also covers the fundamentals of criticism and how to better interpret and analyze texts from the perspective of various literary schools.

    AP Psychology Online 

    AP Psychology Online Syllabus  

     Course Description

    The purpose of AP Psychology is to introduce students to the systematic and scientific study of the behavior and mental processes of human beings and other animals. Students are exposed to the psychological facts, principles, and phenomena associated with each of the major subfields within psychology. They will also learn about the ethics and methods psychologists use in their science and practice.

    AP Art History Online

    AP Art History Online Syllabus 

    Course Description

    Advanced Placement Art History will expose students to Western Art history, as well as artwork beyond the European tradition. While building an appreciation and understanding of art and aesthetics, the coursework is designed to examine art, artists, styles and significant related historical and social context. Through reading, writing, critical analysis and gallery visits, this course will take students through a chronological exploration of art, from the earliest prehistoric art through Modern and Post-Modern art and architecture. Students will discover connections between history, geography, politics, religion, languages, literature and the visual arts that will increase the understanding of all of these subjects.

    AP Computer Science Online 

    AP Computer Science Online Syllabus 

    Course Description

     The AP Computer Science A course is an introductory computer science course. A large part of the course involves developing the skills to write programs or parts of programs that correctly solve specific problems. The course also emphasizes the design issues that make programs understandable, adaptable, and when appropriate, reusable. At the same time, the development of useful computer programs and classes is used as a context for introducing other important concepts in computer science, including the development and analysis of algorithms, the development and use of fundamental data structures, and the study of standard algorithms and typical applications. In addition, an understanding of the basic hardware and software components of computer systems and the responsible use of these systems are integral parts of the course.

    AP EXAMS - MAY 3-14, 2021

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