• 2015-2016 Courses


    Creative Grammar and Style/Reading and Writing for Self-Discovery --9th grade

    This course will serve as an introduction to the basic grammatical rules of standard written English through the use of writing exercises and creative activities. Students will review basic grammar and move on to more advanced stylistic concerns essential to creative writers in all genres. 2nd semester--publication! 

    Contemporary Writers  11th grade

    Contemporary Writers: This is a literature course designed for writing students to read works by numerous noted and award-winning contemporary authors. Reading selections cover a variety of writing genres.  These works will serve as a source of style and technique from which students can model their own writing and inspire student work in terms of themes and contemporary issues.


    AP English Language and Composition  11th grade
    The AP English Language and Composition course is designed to enable students to become skilled readers and writers in diverse genres and modes of composition. As stated in the Advanced Placement Course Description, the purpose of the Language and Composition course is “to enable students to read complex texts with understanding and to write papers of sufficient richness and complexity to communicate effectively with mature readers” (The College Board, May 2007, May 2008, p.6).

    NEW: PUBLIC SPEAKING 12th grade
    This course is designed as an introduction to the principals of oral communication; both the creation and receiving comprehension of verbal messages is emphasized. Particular attention will be placed on Informative and Persuasive presentations. The class will be structured to allow for as much speaking time in class for formal as well as informal exercises. Second semester will also feature debate, model congress, spoken word and slam poetry, and dramatic presentations.  

     CRAFT OF WRITING  10th grade

    This course emphasizes understanding the characteristics and techniques in the literary genres of fiction, poetry and dramatic writing.  This course will continue to build on students’ reading and writing skills begun in Grammar & Style, Writing for Publication and Self Discovery & Performance Word and Text (9th grade).  Readings of works by major writers will be read and examined as inspiration and models of fine writing. Students will keep a portfolio of their writing progress, a writing journal, and participate in writing workshops.