• Every day, you will earn a class grade.  It goes towards a weekly grade, and you can earn up to 5 points per day.  To earn the full 5 points, students must:
    • Be in their seat ON TIME for class (1 pt)
    • Complete their bell work (1 pt)
    • Create a positive learning environment - participate in class discussions, not a disruption to the learning process, and are prepared for class (3 pts)

    Homework is also entered into the gradebook on a weekly basis.  Homework is assigned most days and is worth 5 points per assignment.  It is graded more on effort than on having all questions correct, so it is possible to earn full credit even if you don't get every question correct.  NO LATE HOMEWORK IS ACCEPTED!  Unless otherwise noted, it is due at the beginning of class the next day.  If you do not understand the assignment, you must come see me BEFORE class begins - preferably during lunch, advisement, or before first period.