• When I grow up PowerPoint Project 2010 (7)


    1.    Make a 20 page slide show using PowerPoint 2010bball

     2.   You may choose 1 or 2 different career choices or dream job

    3.   You should include: all the CHECKMARKS below in your project.

    ü Themesand/orbackground picturesballet

    ü Text boxesin slides with information about 

    ü     What is your dream career?

    ü     Why is it your dream career?

    ü     Who has inspired you to want this career?

    ü     What do you have to do to prepare for it?

    ü     Where will you go/do to get that job and wallstreet doc the $$ cost?

    ü     Where will you work (this can be many places)?

    ü     How much will you make?

    ü     Any other information about your career that is important but not listed above.

    ü ClipArtandPictures

    ü WordArt

    ü Transitions and Animations

    ü Title page

    ü Conclusion page

    ü Where did you get your information from?


    1.    Use the Internet to Save pictures to your computer for your project

    2.   You may save your projects to a flash drive if you have one

    3.   Use different Search Engines for you project:

    a.   Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo, Ask.com to search for images and information about your career

    b.   Save the place on the Internet that you got your Information and Pictures.

    c.   Include that information above in your slideshow or on a reference slide at the end of your PowerPoint.

    4.   When finished using BACKSTAGE VIEW (the FILE TAB)

    a.   Use the “Save As”feature

    b.   Locate yourStuden Id # inMy Computer from the left explorer pane.

    c.   Name your PowerPoint as “When I Grow Up

    d.   Click “Save