• Class Participation & Procedures
    These play a role in your Participation grade.
    1  Be on time and prepared!

    *    I am in my seat quietly when the bell rings.

    *    I have my materials out and am ready to learn.

    *    I read the board and write down the homework in my agenda.

    *    I complete my DO NOW! efficiently and quietly.  

    2 Respect yourself and others!

    *    I use kind and positive words and keep my hands to myself.

    *    I give my best effort daily! Sit up, focus, give good eye contact and participate in class!

    *    I ask for help when needed.

    3 Listen while others are talking!

    *    When a teacher, administrator, guest or a student is talking, I am listening and being quiet.

    *    I follow directions the FIRST time they are given.

    *    I am quiet during transitioning to the next class activity.

    *    I raise my hand for permission to speak.

    4 Use appropriate language!

    *    I do not curse.

    *    I do not make noises that are distracting.

    5 Respect the classroom environment!

    *    I do not write on the desks or walls of the classroom.

    *    I only use the bathroom when necessary and during appropriate times (Passing time!). 

    *    I do not pack up early. I wait for the signal from the teacher. If I can line up, I don't go beyond the bookcase.

    *    I push in my chair when dismissed (Period 1 puts down the chairs).

    raising hand