• Welcome! Mr. Fusco - English Class
    DO FUSNOW!: Quietly have a seat with materials out.
    CLOSURE: Wrap Up/Questions? 
    HW: Click HOMEWORK tab on the left. 
    Contact Information for English Teacher: Mr. Fusco
    Classroom #: A419
    Phone: 242-7682 ext. 4190                                                   
    Class website: www.rcsdk12.org/fusco
    ParentCONNECT address: www.rcsdk12.org/parentconnect
    (Parents/Guardians & students can track student progress on-line)
    Students, see me if you have any questions or need extra help. 
    Don't wait until it is too late in a marking period to ask for help! You need to do YOUR part to be successful!
    I am available briefly before period 1various times during the day (4th period lunch & 5th period Advisement are the best) and after school (Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays - Please be sure to schedule a time to stay after in advance)
    Parents/Guardians, feel free to email or call me. I want your child to be successful!
    "You can't spell FOCUS without FUSCO" copyright 2018-2019
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