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    Precalc Calendar        May- June 2013 Mrs. Fixsen


    May 6th

    Product & higher order derivatives

    May 7th



    HW integral/derivative

    Review #1


    May 8th


    HW integral/derivative review #2

     May 9th

    Hw Precalc review #1 


     May 10th

    HW Precalc review #2


      May 13th

    review for test/final



      May 14th

    Integral/Derivative Test

    HW Precalc
    Review #1&#2


    May 15th


    Go over Review #1 &#2


    HW Review #3


    May 16th



    Go over Review# 3


    HW Review #4

      May 17th


    Go over Review #4



    Hw Review #5 1st 1/2



    May 20th


    Go over Review #5


    Hw Review #5 2nd ½ & study for quiz

    May 21st


    Review Quiz #1

    (on Review 1 & 2)


    Hw –make up a missing hw

    May 22nd


    Recursive Formulas for sequences


    Hw recursive wkst

    May 23rd


    Explicit Formulas for sequences


    Hw explicit wkst

    May 24th


    Summing Sequences-Series


    Hw geo & arith Series wkst

    May 27




    May 28th


    Infinite Series

    & Review for Quiz


    Hw- quiz review sheet

    May 29th


    Go over review


    Hw – study for test

    May 30th


    Sequence Test


    Hw- June 2009 Part I

    May 31st


    Go over June 2009


    Hw June 2009 part II

    JUNE 2012

     June 3rd


    Hw- June 2008 all due Wed


    June 4th

    Review Quiz #2

    (on review 3,4,5)


    HW June 2008

    June 5th

    Go over June 2008

    HW June 2007 Part I


    June 6th 


    Go over June 2007

    HW June 2007 Part II


    June 7th 

    Go over June 2007

    HW June 2006




    June 10th 

    Last day of classes


    Go over questions for final



    Exams begin



     Study Hard and Good Luck!!!