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     School of the Arts (SOTA) is a Rochester City School District secondary school serving nearly 1,200 students in grades 7 through 12, and we are located in The Neighborhood of the Arts. If you’re talented, interested in the arts, desire high academic achievement, and want to develop skills for college, career development, and life... SOTA is the place for you! 

    Students at the School of the Arts carry a full academic course load, in addition to a rigorous Fine Arts sequence in one of six subject areas: Creative Writing, Dance, Drama, Instrumental or Vocal Music, Theatre Technology, or Visual Arts. Students interested in attending SOTA must audition to be accepted. The school's  faculty and staff create an educational environment that promotes 
    life-long learning. 

    Each semester, students are encouraged to participate in performances, and exhibitions within their major field of study. In order to accommodate their academic work-load and Fine Arts concentration, SOTA students commit to many extracurricular activities extending beyond the school day. 

    Students who attend SOTA may also wish to participate in the many athletic teams, and dozens of 
    extra-curricular performance events throughout the school year.
    Art Moves
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