Log into your student account – (call 1-800-345-7606 if you are having trouble signing in) 

    • Go to www.castlelearning.com.
    • Click sign-in. 
    • Type your Castle Learning ID: rcsd.your studentID (be sure to use a period after rcsd and your own student ID that begins with 890 in the ID/email field).  NOTE:  Email cannot be used until you have logged in and set up your profile with your email address. 
    • Type your password into the Password field (leave blank if the first time in) and click Sign In.  You will need to re-type your password the first time in to set your own password. 
    • Type in your email address if you have one. 
    • Click submit. 



    • Click on Self Study. 
    • Scroll down and click on the Regents Exams icon. 
    • Choose the content (Math, Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Spanish, French) 
    • Click on the course. 
    • Click on the exam to start the Regents Review. 

    NOTE:  If you do not complete the review, use the X in the upper left corner and then choose Exit and Save.  

    You will find your incomplete review under Incomplete Assignments, Self-Study. 


    INCOMPLETE REVIEW (If you didn’t get a chance to complete the Regents Review you started) 

    • Click on Incomplete Assignments. 
    • Click on Self Study. 


    REPORTS:  (View your results) 

    • Click on Reports. 
    • Choose Completed Assignments, Self-Study Assignments. 
    • Use the 3 dots next to “for additional options” to sort 


    • Use the Search Bar to look for an assignment. 
    • Click on the assignment to create the report. 



    • Click on Self Study. 
    • Above the course, click on Rocket Mode and change to Expert Mode. 
    • Choose Course. 
    • Choose Grade Level, High School (after selecting a grade group, click on X in the upper left corner of that box to get out of selection panel) – you will have to select a lower grade level to practice basic Math Skills.  
    • Choose Topics, Reading Sets or Math Skills.