The faculty and staff of School of the Arts are most concerned about the safety and well-being of all the members of our community, especially our children. Although we encourage our students to participate in a variety of wonderful extra-curricular and community events, we know that homework, home responsibilities, and a good night’s sleep are critical elements for successful learning. Our students need to go home, and get their rest.  

    Additionally, we are aware that staff members who volunteer many hours for extra-curricular events have personal responsibilities at home. As we expect our students and faculty to be prepared, alert and ready for instruction the morning after an event, we need to assure they get home in a timely manner. All events begin promptly at 7:00 PM, unless otherwise specified. Most events end at 8:30 PM; SOTA’s Annual Play Series and Dance Concert presentations end approximately at 9:00 PM. Therefore, our staff will use the following guidelines regarding SOTA events:  


    • Student performers must meet the District’s mandatory attendance requirement in all classes in accordance with the current Attendance Policy. Students will not be allowed to participate in evening events if they are not present in school on the day of the event.  
    • Students in Grades 7 and 8 are not permitted to attend any after-school building-based activities such as sporting events, heritage assemblies, recitals, performances or concerts without being accompanied by an adult chaperone.  
    • The chaperone MUST remain with the child throughout the event.  
    • School of the Arts hosts numerous after-school performances and events.  For your child’s safety and security, make and confirm arrangements to pick up your child/children prior to the conclusion of all SOTA events. Please do not wait until the end of an event to call for your ride.
    • Any SOTA student who is NOT picked up within 30-minutes of the conclusion of the event/performance will lose the privilege of attending future events/performances even if they are a participant. This will negatively affect your child’s grade for recital/showcase participation. 
    • If a student cannot provide their own way home within the 30-minute time allotment, an alternative form of transportation will be called to transport the student home at the parent or guardian’s expense.  
    • The Main Office Switchboard Closes at 3:30 PM.     
    • Your cooperation meeting these expectations will help make SOTA a safer and more secure environment for all children. Thank you for your cooperation.