Ms. Freese

    MATH 8 (2016-2017)

    Email:  Lauren.Freese@rcsdk12.org

    Phone:  242-7682 ext. 3350

    Course Objective:

                To help students improve and excel in math as they continue to work on mastering the concepts and skills of the Common Core State Learning Standards.  This course is designed to provide students a stronger and solid foundation in preparation for the Common Core Math 8 exam.  Topics will include:    (1) Integer Exponents & Scientific Notation, (2) the Concept of Congruence, (3) Similarity, (4) Linear Equations, (5) Examples of Functions from Geometry, (6) Linear Functions, and (7) an Introduction to Irrational Numbers Using Geometry.  If a student fails more than 2 marking periods it is mandatory that they seek extra help.  This course will have a New York State Assessment May 1-2.


    ·         Pencils/Erasers

    ·         3 Ring Binder (1 to 2 inch)

    ·         Folder (for Homework)

    ·         Scientific Calculator (TI-30)***  Needed for the course and the exam***

    Classroom Expectations:

    ·         Be on time, Be prepared, Be engaged.

                Early is on time!   On time is late! 

    ·         Cell phones and all Electronics are prohibited in ALL classrooms.

               To include but not limited to:  ear buds, headphones, IPODS.

    ·         The Dress code will be strictly enforced.

    To include but not limited to:  Hats, hoodies and bandanas as well as what is prescribed by the school handbook and posters.

    ·         Disrespect/Disruption to the educational process is prohibited.

    To include but not limited to:  bullying, profanity, food consumption and personal grooming.

    Positive Rewards                                                   Consequences:

    ·         Phone call/ email/ post card home                            ~ Verbal/Nonverbal warning

    ·         Free Homework pass                                               ~ Move the student’s seat

    ·         Teacher Answer                                                      ~ Parent contact

    ·         Class Reward                                                          ~ Lunch/ Afterschool detention

    NON-NEGOTIABLES CONSEQUENCES – Immediate removal from classroom

    To include but not limited to:  Fighting; both physical and verbal, vandalism, theft, chronic disruption, and suspicion of being under the influence of illegal substances.

    SEVERE CONSEQUENCES:  To be determined by administration


    Tardy- Every student is expected to be in class ready to learn before the bell rings.  If a student is late 3 times a marking period, then they must serve detention.

    Absent- In order to be successful in class you need to be in class.  If a student is absent, he/she should check their folder in the class crate for any make-up work.  The student is responsible to make up any and all of the work to receive credit.  If a student is legally absent, they will have 10 days to make up the work before they receive no credit.

    Grading Scale                                                                             Grading Criteria

    A+= 95-100%                                                                              Unit Tests = 40%

    A   = 90-94%                                                                                Quizzes = 20 %

    B+ = 85-89%                                                                               Classwork/Warm-ups = 20%

    B   = 80-84%                                                                                Homework = 20%                            

    C+ = 75-79%

    C   = 70-74%

    D   = 65-69%

    F   = 64 and below

    Weekly Quizzes:

          There will be a short quiz given at the end of each week and will be counted as 20% of the grade.

    Grade sheets: 

          Grade sheets will be sent home every 5 weeks.  These sheets must be signed and returned. You can also check your child’s grade on Parent Connect as grades will be updated weekly.


        The best way to master a concept and skills is to practice.  Practicing is done with homework.  Homework is assigned EVERY night, except for nights of Tests/Quizzes.  Homework will NOT be accepted late.  I will go over any questions from the previous night’s homework at the beginning of class each day.  Homework is posted on the classroom calendar each week.

    Important Dates:

    ·         Curriculum Night ~ September 19 6:00-8:00 PM

    ·         Parent Teacher Conferences ~ October 12,  November 30,  March 8 all 5:00-7:00 PM

                                                            ~ February 2 (12:30 to 2:30)

    Extra Help:

          I am available during Math Lab (B/D Days 7th period) and after school (Mondays 2:35-3:30) by appointment or Tuesdays (2:35-3:30) in the Library during Study Center.