House of Wax


    Professor Henry Jarrod is a true artist whose wax sculptures are lifelike. He specializes in historical tableau's such a Marie Antoinette or Joan of Arc. His business partner, Matthew Burke, needs some of his investment returned to him and pushes Jarrod to have more lurid exposes like a chamber of horrors. When Jarrod refuses, Burke set the place alight destroying all of his beautiful work in the hope of claiming the insurance. Jarrod is believed to have died in the fire but he unexpectedly reappears some 18 months later when he opens a new exhibit. This time, his displays focus on the macabre but he has yet to reproduce his most cherished work, Marie Antoinette. When he meets his new assistant's beautiful friend, Sue Allen, he knows he's found the perfect model - only unbeknown to anyone, he has a very particular way of making his wax creations.


    House of Wax will be shown on Friday October 29th at 7pm at Dryden Theatre (900 East Ave, Rochester)

    On Saturday October 30th at 7pm and 9pm audiences can view the film Drive-In style right in the School of the Arts parking lot.  Concessions will be available for the Drive-In performances. 

    The film will also be available to stream from home. 

    Tickets for the premiere viewing at Dryden Theatre are $12.00 for adults; $10.00 students and senior citizens; and $5.00 for SOTA students with ID.  Drive-In tickets are $25 per vehicle and $5 lawn seats (only available for at door sales). Streamed performances are $12.  Tickets may be purchased at https://sotaroc.booktix.com