Mrs. Wilmarth
    International Studies Coordinator/ Instructional Support Teacher
    324-9010 ext. 3360
    RECIHS celebrated International Education Week (IEW) during the week of November 13th.  We welcomed Ukranian delegates that were visiting the US through the International Leadership Program.  The delegates broke themselves into two groups and presented their culture, government and education system in classrooms.  Scholars enjoysed identifying the similiarities and differences between our cultures and education system and were surprised by some of the answers they recieved to their inquiring minds.  We had visitors visit classrooms with a plethora of experiences to share such as working in the Congo in the Peace Corps., a Semester at Sea around the Mediterranean, travels ot 97 countries, and study abroad in Spain, just to name a few.  The International Food Festival was enjoyed by everyone as a culminating activity to a wonderful week!!