Career Readiness

  • A strong education will prepare you with the knowledge, skills, and character for success in the working world. In addition to your academics, take advantage of work-based learning, internship, or career and technical education opportunities, apply for your work permit, and learn resume, cover letter, and interview skills so you can be proactive about your future career success.

  • Contact:

    Mariel Spano
    Work-based Learning Coordinator

  • Work-Based Learning

    East has work-based learning opportunities which are structured experiences between East and local employers. Scholars can participate in several work-based learning opportunities, some of which are paid and/or credit-bearing, for scholars to gain marketable skills while still enrolled in school. For more information, visit here:

  • Career and Technical Education Pathways

    East has six Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways you can enroll in beginning in your 9th grade: culinary, optics, vision care, teaching & learning, information technology, and biomedical & laboratory sciences. In each of these pathways you will gain authentic, life-long skills in that field. You are encouraged to continue taking classes in the same pathway until you graduate, at which point you could receive a special CTE certificate on your diploma. Upon graduation, you will have marketable skills you can use should you enter college or the working world. For more information, visit here:

  • Work Permit

    If you're age 14-17, you need a work permit in order to work in New York State. Your work permit verifies to employers that you are of a certain age and eligible to do certain work. To get your work permit, visit the main office or apply online here:

  • Job, Internship, and Training Opportunities

    There are many job, internship, and training opportunities available for scholars and recent graduates. Visit here to learn more: