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    "Services are aligned within a holistic community school model and available to students and families for extended hours and beyond the 10-month academic schedule and in some case extended to families as well."
    -East EPO
    East as a Community School
    East is a community school. This means that we believe in creating relationship-based partnerships with families and communities in order to help scholars learn, grow, and overcome barriers to their success. We have adopted the community school strategy's "four pillars" to support scholars in a number of ways.
    1.) Integrated Scholar Supports
    East partners with a number of community agencies and service providers in order to support scholar success. Each of these partners strategically helps to overcome an identified barrier to scholar learning and development. Most of East's collaborative partners can be found in the Collaborative Partners webapage, and a few are detailed here:
     Support  Partner Description
    Physical & Mental Health University of Rochester School of Nursing School-based Health Center Free and comprehensive physical and mental health care to scholars
    Mental Health Villa of Hope Therapeutic mental health support
    Dental Health University of Rochester Dental Center SmileMobile Free and comprehensive dental care to scholars once a week

    Food and Resource Pantry (with aid from Foodlink)

    Emergency food and resource assistance
    Student and Family Support Center Center for Youth Holistic support and drop-in center
     2.) Expanded Learning Time and Opportunities
    Support  Partner Description
    Extended Instructional Day  EPO 30 minute expanded instructional day
    Saturday School  EPO Frequent saturday school opportunities
    Professional Development and Leadership University of Rochester Warner School of Education Curricular development and professional development
    Tutoring, Academic Support, College Preparation

    Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection

    Monroe Community College Liberty Partnerships Program

    University of Rochester David T. Kearns Center Pre-College Programs

    Variety of expandeded learning opportunities


    3.) Family and Community Engagement
    Support  Partner Description
    FACE Committee Variety of stakeholders Leadership and decision-making for family and community engagement
    Neighborhood Involvement Connected Communities Neighborhood revitalization and capacity building
    Family Support and Participation Ibero-American Action League Family Service Assistant Program Family support, goal setting, and adult education
    Volunteer @ East Variety of community stakeholders Community volunteers for academic support
    Pre-K - 12 Pathway School #33 Partnership for Pre-K - 12 pipeline
    Community School Standards
    The Coalition for Community Schools provides a common framework of standards for the community school strategy. East aligns its community school efforts with these standards. The main standards, taken from the full list of standards are as follows:
    1. Collaborative Leadership: nurtures shared ownership and accountability
    2. Planning: Incorprorates the assets and needs of school, family, and community in the School Improvement Plan
    3. Coordinating Infrastructure: facilitates coordination of school and community resources
    4. Student-centered Data: Guides opportunities and support to individual students
    5. Continuous Improvement: deepens the impact of the commnity school
    6. Sustainability: ensures ongoing operations of the community school
    7. Powerful learning: engages students as independent learners
    8. Integreated Health and Social Supports: addresses barriers to learning
    9. Authentic Family Engagement: embraces families and mobilizes family assets
    10. Authentic Community Engagement: Gathers and galvanizes community and neighborhood resources


    Do you want to become a community school partner with us? Would you like to let us know how we are doing? Please let us know through Let's Talk.