• Food and Resource Pantry
    East has a Food and Resource Pantry available for scholar use. Located in room B109, scholars can access the Pantry for emergency food and resource assistance if they are facing food insecurity at home. The Pantry is supported by a combination of donations and grant funding. If you have questions about how your scholar can access the Pantry, or if you would like to make a donation, please contact Jason Taylor, Community Coordinator, at (585) 288-3130 ext. 4263, at Jason.Taylor@rcsdk12.org, or in room B109.
    Food Supplies
    What Does the Pantry Provide?
    The Pantry offers a wide selection of food and hygiene items. Food items include pastas, sauces, rice, beans, canned protein, canned soup, peanut butter, cooking oil, fruit, milk, juice, and more. We try to offer a healthy assortment of food that scholars can bring home to cook a nutritious meal, with little to no cooking skills necessary. Easy to follow recipes for scholars and families to follow are also accessible. For hygiene items we have soap, shampoo, deodorant, tampons, pads, shaving supplies, and more.
    Canned Goods
    How Can My Scholar Access the Pantry?
    If your scholar is facing food or resource insecurity and could use temporary relief, they can come to room B109. East staff can refer scholars to the Pantry; however, scholars can also self-refer. The Pantry is located in an inconspicuous location to prevent scholars from feeling stigmatized for utilizing the service. Additionally, the Pantry's coordinator will give each scholar a non-transparent bag to bring the food or resources home in, that way scholars can confidentially carry the food in the hallways or on the bus.
    How Can I Donate to the Pantry?
    We are always in need of food and hygiene items for the Pantry (please refer to our donation list). Unfortunately, food insecurity is common in Rochester, and many of East's scholars suffer from it. Sometimes, school lunches are the only reliable meal scholars have throughout their day. Learning can be seriously disrupted, along with other life skills, when scholars does not know where their next meal is going to come from. Therefore, any donation you make can go a long way to help our scholars through tough times. We accept all sorts of food and hygiene items, but we cannot accept any products that are expired, already opened, repackaged from their original container, or have compromising dents or tears in their packaging. Some items that we are always in need of are:
    • Canned fish and meat
    • Peanut butter
    • Cooking oil
    • Dairy products
    • Fresh fruit


    Please consider donating to the Pantry today!